Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dont you know who I am?

This is gonna be a looooooooooong post.


Firstly, my Cbox is polluted. C'mon peeps, stop spamming would you? I'm really gonna appreciate it. Thanks kay?

Secondly, my best friend- Loo Jia Shin's phone is erm, sort of stolen?
By this guy:

Gary/ Sung Ming from SMK Seafield, Form 5 this year.

He used to be our friend but now we know his true colours. HE SUCKED!


Let me tell you the whole story then you'll understand.

If Im not mistaken, last year Gary needed a phone urgently & he borrowed Jiashin's phone.
(Its just a normal Motorola Pink Flip Phone)

Jiashin trusted him so she just passed the phone to him.

Its been a while since Jiashin saw him or even contact him. Until today, Jiashin decided to call Gary because she wants the phone back & guess what?

Jiashin : Hello Sung Ming.
Sung Ming : Hello.
Jiashin : Where is my pink motorola phone you borrowed me?
Sung Ming : What phone??? I never borrow a phone from you beforeee...........


What is this people? Jiashin trusted him thats why she lend the phone to him as a friend.
This is what she get in returned??!

Come on, its not about the phone. (Its just a cheap phone)

Its about the responsibility of returning back stuff after borrowing em'.


You might lose your stuff after hanging out with him! Scary right? Tsk Tsk.

Poor little tiny thing. GOSH -

FUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, back to something cute! Heh ;p

I want a Maltese! Its daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn cuteeeee lah! I want!!! :(

Don't try to judge the things I do, because I don't give a damn about you!

I love the way I act,
the way I dress,
the way I talk,
bare with it if you don't like it.
smiles :)

I just love Pasar Pagi's!

Not forgetting the malam's.. Haha clubbing moments! (:

A simple summer dress to club is just more than comfy! Awww!

My all time partner, you should know her if you read my blog oftenly.

Okay you should know him too if you're a reader of my blog. Lol.

CNY is over! No more gambling!!
Yes Im talking to you, Daniel. Chee Ho & friends. HAHA!

Oh & there was this day,
when Jiashin & I dressed up so "Genting-ly" but ended up at ss2 INC.
How sad right? Blame the boys! Argh.

Lifeless people at lifeless place early in the morning.

Ms Loo in the house! This month's issue!
Oh & catch her on the cover of Hypertune soon!
Im soooo proud of her Heh ;p

Okay pls imagine this car in HOT PINK!
Its gonna be my car sooon! Yay!! :D

Alright, a lil more pictures taken last week.

Jason V & I at Island Cafe!

J's new love. =O
I swear I'll kill you, Miss Itouch.
(Okay Im being uber lame, mind me thanks.)

Valentines' Eve at Mardi rmb? ;)

Mr Joey & Miss Adele in the house!

Pretty flowers that J surprised me before entering Mardi.
He was like, covering my eye & then almost kneel down. HAHAHA!

Pretty Lily's! I love it baby.
Thanks (:

(Do you know that 2 bear actually cost him more than RM30 -.-)

Headed to PD for the double date Valentines!
Okay just a few pictures & a few words. Lazy to elaborate la. Lol.

After checking out the Jacuzzi hotel room that cost us RM1.5k per night.
(Jacuzzi inside your bedroom woi)

Haha Brad looks... Lol. FYI, he's wearing my fedora. Cute la hor jiashin?

"Forever one la you two"
That's what J said when he saw us camwhoring when he entered the car.

After checking in the hotel, we went for early dinner at some cina place along with Deric & Eu Wing.

Jiashin & I ate all the lalas. Looks damn a lot right?
But the meat its like damn little lor.

"Wah lao like that also wanna take picture meh?"
- Him



After that, we headed to the beach for a walk :)
Credits to Deric Lee Wei Xian for being so nice because he took all these pictures! HAHAH.

Look at the sky, Our future again?! O.O

Double loveee! Heh, I like this picture! Awww.

Jiashin & Brad ss. HAHA!


PD, the memorable Vday place.

Headed back to the room & chill.

Haha, J is sleeping alone.
FYI, he's wearing boxers only need to censor lah, ini Malaysia okay?

The cha-pa-lang kampung dinner -


The candle.

Typical shot.

So the guys wanted a shot too!
(haha Jiashin & I forced them)

The dinner.


Oh ya, Im being a very very good girlfriend because I did this for J.
I've never did such thing for someone lor.

My art/hard work.

The Limited edition Zippo & Money Clipper I bought for him as his bday present!

Got meaning one leh.
Diff colour, diff quantities got diff meanings.

Tablets that includes my sweet words to him. Hehe.

Just a simple photo frame.

The whole box of pressies & love notes for him.
Bday & Valentines :)

I use sanitizer everyday.
Seriously you guys should go get yourself one in Watsons for only RM2.80 :)

A "Lin-Yong-Pao" a day, keeps the "slim-adele" away.
(Although the "SLIM-ADELE" had never exist before)


Its time to work out! :(
Please lah, swimming, jogging? Come on lets go! I cant wait!

OH, Happy Belated Birthday to Yuan Ming & Samuel!
Decanters tomorrow night? :D

P/s: I should have joined Shermaine to the Adverlets event justnow because she just won herself an Ipod shuffle! Awww damn lucky lah sayang you!


I took off my braces already. Hehe (low profile ma)

Till the day you're no longer a boy.

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