Monday, February 23, 2009

Come & get me then.

I am the happy girl, always! :D

Nothing is gonna bring me down,
I repeat, NOTHING.

Yes I know my Cbox have been polluted lately but still, I wont remove my Cbox!
Its for my lovely readers & friends! (:


To my dearest Spammers:

Please stop spamming because it does not harm me at all. Not a single bit. But you guys are increasing my traffic, Lol.

If you really got a problem with me, come out & talk to me FACE TO FACE.
Maybe you could harm me a little? *laughs*

I really appreciate it.



His stuffs that I had to carry for him everyday. :O

More engraved stuffs!

These pictures are always in my purse because these are my V.I.P's

Brad's house,

Crystal & I,

at Decanters.

Jiashin: "Hehehe..."
Bradly: "Hmmm? O.O"

J & myself.
(FYI, Im wearing his collar tee & a black belt! Lol)

Gucci(Envy Me) & Paris Hilton!
Baby & I love em' so bloody much. Hah :D

p/s: Im waiting for Sher to come my house & Jiashin will pick us up to gym!
Lol -

I am your heart breaker.

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