Friday, February 13, 2009

Akon: Beautiful.


Its been a while since I last blog, miss me? Yes? No? You better be lar okay because I missed all of you my dear readers! *big wide smile* :D

FYI, Its 3.21am now & I am at Ss2 INC -______________-

Oh & Im gonna work tomorrow. Where? Sunway Pyramid PDArena(IT center, right beside Asian Avenue)


Alright, I am suppose to take off my braces yesterday & yes, I FAILED TO WAKE UP.
Kill me lar yes kill me. -_______________-

What to do? Next wednesday lor.


Thanks to my J. (:
As you know, I have natural curly hairs so yeah. Straighten my hair every 6-8months its a must. That explains why is my hair so frizzy, dry & messy at times. :(

Anyone is willing to help me with my hair? *pouts*

Not forgetting,


No more gambling kthxbye.

I have been catching a lot of movies lately.
A few nice ones(I think these aren't new movies btw)

I love the way she dance!

The donut is damn KAWAII. Lol -

Saya baru tengok tadi. Not bad, not bad.

Okay, Im going home now.
Will update more with pictures soon aite? MISS ME! (:

p/s: Catch Jiashin's picture in Hypertune magazine in this month's Issue!
p/s (ii): Ipod Touch is his new Love -_______________-

The song that I cant stop repeating it in my ears!
Highly recommended by, Adele Chow! *laughs

I see the girls tryna holla'

I dont wanna bother because your independent had caught my attention -

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