Sunday, February 08, 2009

Keep your hands outta him.

2 more days until CNY ends!
Smiley face? Or sad face?

So how's your CNY? :)

Mine was awesome.
Ang Paos, foods, gambling & Open houses! HAHAHA -

Just got back from Chun Min's house.
& I lost RM 50!! I can buy a top already larrr. But yeah, CNY gamble ma. Once in a while, Nevermind lor.. (Im still sad btw)

Oh ya, we went Brad's open house yesterday too.
Due to the busy working man of mine, we reached his place about 10pm. Which mean, less food, less people & no lion dance for us to see. :(

Its okay because Ive got pictures from Shermaine & Jiashin. Hah!

Nice deco. Cny feeling!

All were busy gambling but we, the girls had fun gossiping, chatting around. :)
- The girls are the usual ones, Sher, Jiashin not forgetting Jessicating!

Rewind back to two days ago.

Lets see.
I went to MOS that night. & yeah, A fucked up night.

Argh. I hate MOS already!
Poor Jiashin lost her clutch! FYI, the clutch is her birthday present from yours truly! O.O

But her kind boyf is getting her another phone, so nice kan? :)

N95 8gb is the best! I want that phone!! Jiashin lets get the same phone. Lmao -

Btw, my babe, Tzia is featured by Nuff Nang! (:

HAHHA, I am so proud of you! (:

Will see you soon aite? DONT STRESS.
You better do well in your exam! Argh.

P/s: I am changing to Maxis soon. *Jumps!*
P/s (ii): Turning into the working mood. AHHH- HAAA!

Counting down till the day,
when the truth is revealed.

Better be careful.

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