Monday, February 16, 2009

High ego? No more man, dude!


So how was your day yesterday?
As for me, I went Port Dickson & yeah, I did had a great time there with Jiashin, Brad & of cause my date! (:

Went to Mardigrass on Valentines' Eve because If i dont go my Yilai dont let me call her Yilai anymore lol wth -________-

Okay skip that.

Met tons of familiar faces & I only managed to snap a picture with Steph! How sad right? What to do I dont have a camera, not even a better megapixel phone :(

Hint: I want Nokia N95 8gb!!!! :( :(

Adele is acting cute & obviously fail la. -____-

Steph & Jiashin

Heh, sweetie pie (:
I looove your new bangs! Really.

Oh one more picture with April (:

Okay, back to Port Dickson.

J surprised me with a bouquet of flowers but its not roses :( Haha but still Im happy!
Thanks J!

Slept only 2 hours & then headed to PD.

No I dont have any surprises nor presents nor candle lights dinner (HAHA) but seriously, Its a very memorable V-Day!!

Outta the city for 2days, chilling around the beach, eating those food that's so, KAMPUNG.

Okay let me tell you this,

We had our Valentines dinner at some very Kampung WESTERN FOOD RESTAURANT.
Jiashin & I wanted a "Candle Light Dinner" so yeah, we asked for 2 candles.

* Imagine two tiny little short candles place on the cha-pa-lang wooden table..*
* That restaurant dont even have an air-conditioner in it... *

& the funniest part is,

"Ada western food kan?"

"Chicken Chop Lamb Chop burger french fries nuggets"


But seriously, I do enjoy this trip very much.
Thanks baby!

More pictures will be up soon aite?
Stay tuned.

Yes I said stay tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :D

p/s: Baby love my Zippo because I just engraved it lol ;p

The more I get the more I want.

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