Friday, January 09, 2009

We will meet again.

I'm currently at ss2 Inc. Yes again, I know.
I downloaded the Sony PC suite because I wanna transfer the pics to the com.
But yeah, FAILED.

I just had the urge to blog bout my new year resolutions. Lol, dont laugh kay!

Well, its 2009.
What I really wanna archive in this new year?

FIRST THING, STUDY REAL HARD! (I don't wanna waste money!!)

SECONDLY, I want a healthier lifestyle.
As in, don't club/drink that much lar. Go do some exercise regularly? Swimming? Jogging at least twice a week? I CAN DO IT!! :D

Keep FIT! Haha, err. You know.. Make myself slimmer, go for face & hair treatments, learn how to dress up, make-up.. Lol!

I THINK, (think lar) I would wanna have a part-time job every sat/sun?
EARN INCOME okay! (so I can buy more stuff = more new stuff to dress up = a different person?) HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!

Well, that's all I guess?
Dont wanna set too much because I don't think I can do it. :(

(lol lame)

I know it'll be a tough road for me - NEW ENVIRONMENT.
But I know(I think lar), I CAN DO IT! woooohooooo.

I cant wait to have my own YELLOOOOOW car!!
(pls adele, you haven even take your undang test yet -_________-)


Btw, let just blog bout Penang Trip - Part Two.

New year eve : As I had mention at my previous post, we actually countdown-ed inside the car. Lol, WHAT A YEAR. Haha!

But thank God, we still manage to enter the club, & of cause, HAD ALL THE FUN!! :O

Banyak orang kot! Haha! (I look like shit wth)

As you can see, I'm RED already. :p

Brad, Js, Eu Wing, Bryan, Chun Ming & I.

Then its the girls turn (:
Del, Shin & Florahhhhh.

& the night ends like that.

Okay, That's all for now.

Gotta work tomorrow.



Show me your love, baby.
Will you? (:

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