Saturday, January 03, 2009

Taylor's Campus Day 08'

So yeah, I myself went for it & I finally understand what I really wanna do in the future.

Why Taylor’s?

Nearby my house ma.

It’s located at Sunway Mentari.

I realized there are public transports around the college such as buses & taxi.

Very convenient lor. Haha J

What is it about?
It includes Marketing Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Multimedia & Media.

These will give you much more career options in the future.

I met up with Marilyn & she actually explained the differences of foundation courses & pre-U courses.

There are two ways for you to complete a degree: -

1) Go for the foundation course for 1year & then continue your Degree course for 3years.
-You need at least 5 credits to do this.

(Do take this course if you clearly know what's your path in the future. Like me! ;p)

2) Go for the Diploma course for 2 & a half year & then go on with your Degree course for 1 & a half year or 2 years.(It depends on the results you gain from your previous exam)
-You need at least 3 credits to do this.

(You're encourage to pick up this course if you may wanna try working & gain experience after your Diploma.)

3) Go for the Pre-U course.
(Do attend this course if you are still don’t know what you wanna study/do in your future.)

When are you guys gonna start college?

I'm going for the March Intake due to the SPM results that kept me waiting for so long!

For those March Intake students, you can go for this SPM High Achievers Scholarships if your results are:
(Based on actual SPM results)

5A's onwards - 30% tuition fee waiver for Foundation in Communication + B.A.
9'A's onwards - 50% tuition fee waiver.

P/s: English must be at least B4, All courses must be done in Malaysia.

The facilities are just more than enough & great for us to get our work done.

The Taylor's experience is inseparable from the surroundings of this campus, nestled in the relaxing ambience of a Balinese courtyard garden and enveloped by the relaxing sound of cascading waterfall, 10 state-of-the-art design studios with the latest tools and technology are available for students to work on their latest Architecture designs. In addition, there are multimedia labs with video and sound editing features for students to edit their communication projects and assignments.


One of the students from Communication Degree course brought me around the Campus to have a look.

Hmm, very pretty & nice environment J

So yeah,

He brought me to the library.

The library is very big, filled with different kind of books.

Computers are provided as well to help students when they’re doing their research.

Not forgetting the discussion room, to allow the students to discuss about their projects or assignment.

(They also use the Malaysia States’ names to differentiate the rooms! Cute! Haha)

He also brought me to the media lab that the mass com students used to discuss or do their assignment.

Comment: please add Media Hub (Mac computers) photos here

Audio room is also provided to the students for presentations & all.

Convenient kan? Lol.

Went home around 6pm after that J

Taylor’s = I like!

I’m going to Taylor’s around March I guess?

Anyone is attending the same course as me?

Haha, let me know yea? J

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