Sunday, December 28, 2008

That 20 year old Elaine that msged Jeffy is totally shameless. Poorthing! (:

Girl, Don't mess with me. (:






I'm at INC now.

I transferred my pictures from my phone to the com.
Then I wanted to transfer from the com to my USB.

Mana tau, LAG.

Then, Oma restarted the com.
Then, ALL GONE. (I DIDT KNOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Yes, Im fucking tearsing.
Pictures means a lot to me.

I tell you what.
I wanted to blog about X'treme nite (all the freaking nice cars!!)
I wanted to blog about my X'mas eve. (all the fun & friends!!)
I wanted to blog about what I bought, what I did.

But now, BYEBYE!

Totally, MOODLESS.


Btw, I'm going to Penang tomorrow night with Jiashin, Brad, Jeff, Deric, Bryan, Shang Hong & more. Its gonna be a fun trip! (I hope so)

Imma be back by the 1th of Jan, 2009.

Merry Christmas, & a Happy New Year.

One of my most interesting year.
A memorable one. (I guess?)

Not forgetting the pain I gain throughout the whole year.

BYE 2008!

When I'm back, It'll be a brand new start for me.
Yes, everything, NEW. (except for the boyf) *he asked me to type one! Haha! (:

I'm missing my friends that left for NS already :(

You sure you wanna do this?
If I walked away, that'll be forever.

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