Saturday, December 06, 2008

No more hiding who I wanna be.

(A picture taken at IT center 2days ago)





Don't believe I dyed my hair?

Spot the difference?!! AHHHHH!

So what if I'm hiding my feelings?
I know what exactly I'm doing,
I know what step I'm gonna take soon.

That's why,
I don't give a damn bout it.


I miss the Kebaya moments in school.
Missing my high school moments already.
Ceh.. The party had jus begun! Wooohoooo -

Life's has been real hectic for me & yeah,

But, I'm sick.
Sorethroat, flu & cough. GOSHHH.
I should't have drink so much. :(

Anyway, as I was saying in my previous post, I went up Genting with my subang peeps.
I seriously miss those times.

2years ago, same place(Genting), but everything aren't the same anymore.
We have grown up, but the Marrybrown-cups-moments we will never forget (:

& stop reminding me about my running experience okay?!
(Especially YuanMing, Billy & Wiliam! -.-)
(Eventho its the BEST MEMORY after all. Lol)

Partner of that night: Jessica Ling my darling (:

Thanks to Billy Lim for singing non-stop when we're on our way to Genting.
Hyper enough.

I hate him when he keep asking YuanMing to skip my song!(Right Now-Na Na Na)
(Cannot really blame him also lah right, cause I keep asking them to repeat, repeat & repeat. Lol)

We arrived safely (:
(Jess, your hair colour is obvious enough la! Heeeh)

I, Jun Ho, Shaun, YuanMing & Jess.

& then I brought them here to snap a picture.
(Looks familiar? Haha)

YuanMing, Jess, I & Billy.

Its actually the escalator's "mirror"! :D

Sam's cap's on Del's.

Puuurfect candid (:

Chilled at Old Town, AGAIN!

Its getting boring..

Mild Seven (:

I don't want Mild Seven, I don't want Marlboro,
I want the cap!
(Because it is his. Lol)

Jess & I.
(Billy kacau! Haha!)

We loves you! (:

I love this picture, somehow. Joke!

My fingers & his head. :S

The next day, Sunway Pyramid (:
1st time hanging out with Liyana, only.

We had fun talking, walking around.
Don't get angry, moody, geram because of HIM kay?

Adele & AnnaSiew.

Not forgetting my chiqas.
Pui Teng, Nicole, Manda & Melisa (:

After Pyramid, Champs at CenterPoint.
I ordered Banana Split & guess what happened..


I cant finish it!
& yeah, it turns out like that. Ewwwww.

Rushed back to Old Town, Taipan just to meet up with my Juicy girls! (:
Its been a looooooooong time since we all 6 gather together.

Hmm, I guess everyone is doing fine & all they do is talk about my relationship.
Gaaaah. Don't care (:
Anyway, tonight we'll be having dinner together right?
Yes, Juicy's. *smiles*

Managed to snap a pic before Tiff had to drive back alone.
Jia Shin, Adele, Sook Wai, Yi Mei, Tiffany & Jessica.
(I look sooooo horrible!)

Thursday, woke up early in the morning because we were all forced to hand in our textbooks.
Went to Pyramid with my beloved classmates after that.

Woei Hoon, I know you wont be reading this but seriously,
Thankyou for what you've did for me (:

RedBox moments.
Excuse that girl beside me, her name is Sook Yin.

Red background, Red nails, Red top. (:

Did a little tiny shopping that day.
Used RM150.

Went home around 6pm.
Got myself ready & I went back to Pyramid around 8pm.

We love each other more than you could imagine.

Mine, Melisa.

Oh Tzia! Your Gasoline card is with me!
Some anonymous came to me & say:
"your friend's card."

I prepared for club that night but was struggling which club to hit.
There were friends in MOS, Coco Banana & Barcelona.

But still, I decided to follow my supervisor to Maison.
His birthday ma. :)

I went to MOS just to say HI.
Love me, will you? :)

You should really guess where is this. Haha!

We ate Lok-Lok before going in Maison.
Btw, this is Andrew.

They were tipsy & I was full due to the amount of Lok-Lok I ate.

It was fun.

I, Andrew & Mivk.

Syok sendiri with the dance floor. Hah!

DJ Goldfish is no longer there anymore.

Andrew & I


Bryan, Dont act cute pls!
Btw, Thanks for everything :)

Ben? KO.

Friday, which means yesterday.
Woke up around 4pm.

Juan picked me up & we went to Pyramid, again.
Met up with Melisa & Jie Yi.

I saw this car. Lol.

Jessica came around 9pm.
Got ourself prepared for the night, Coco Banana!

Jess & I.

We laugh like nobody's business.

Went in Coco around 12 I guess?
Jia Shin purposely came & look for me eventho she's sick & tired.
Awww, Thanks girl. You know how much I love you.

I kissed you, DJ LOOLOO! Omg lame.

I took this inside Coco's toilet & I find it a lil pretty. Heh ;p

So I tried again.

& Again. (:

Bryan was there too!
You really slim down a lot! :p

Jeffrey was there too.
But he was too bei. Hmmm. Lol.

Mr. Jung!
Told ya J is my alphabert. (:

Ah Pin Kor Kor! (:
Thankyou so much.

Bryan is trying to be cute!
He IS cute okay. Lol.

Wai Chew.
He/someone gave me a lil something. Lol.
Thanks btw (:

Jie Yi, thankyou.
Without you, Melisa & I are gonna be dead. Lol.

Me, Jie Yi & WaiChew.

Here comes Deric.

& Eleanor (:

Not forgetting Jess, YuanMing & friends.
More photos in Jess's cam.

Steph, Liyana, Eunice & Natalie were there too.
Photos are in Steph's camera.

Liyana! Somemore say Tak Jadi to come.
At last surprise me pulak! :D

Btw, the night ended real bad.
Don't ask why, thanks.

What happens in a club, always remains inside the club.

Sorry is all I can say.
& Thankyou is all I wanted to say.

Not to specific person alright? Its for EVERYONE (:






I don't remember when is this.
But still, the point is,
Jia Shin & I, look soooo... Hm, different? Haha!

Thank you, for being by my side always.
The hardest moment of mine, you went through together with me.
& I know, I went through your hard moments together with you either.

Melisa & I.
Please don't tell me you cant see any differences between us.

I know she don't read blogs but still,
Those SunwayPyramid moments, we'll never forget.

As days goes by, we'll meet new people in life.
But nothing's gonna change our friendship.


I have been thinking a lot these days.
& I realized a lot of things. (:

The journey had just begun, C'mon people!
Lets work out & create a breakthrough together.

Adele Chow Chiau Min.

Father Lord,
Thanks for making me awake.
Pls open the eyes of my heart,
I want to see you,
I want to see you.

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