Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I think I'm in love, again? wtf. lol

SPM IS OVER, OVER, OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel the beat, baby :)
I'm out yo! Hehhe.

Btw, yesterday after SPM, Kah Joe picked me & I went ss2 with Tzia.
Pin & WaiChew came Yippee Cup around 5pm to find me & we went for a drink.
Went to Mayang after that.

Around 7+pm, Pin & WaiChew send me back to Pyramid.
Pin cut his hair at APT. (I intro one okay?! Lol)

Yuanming picked me up around 8+pm from Pyramid.
Went up Genting yesterday night. :)

& I reached home 7am this morning.

Today woke up around 4pm.
Headed to Pyramid to meet up with Liyana. :)
Then met up with Melisa & Jie Yi.

Amanda, Pui Teng, Nicole was there too.
Happy enough to see them :)

Bradly & Jiashin picked me up from Pyramid around 8pm, went to Centrepoint Champ's.
Headed back to OldTown White Coffee, Taipan because ALL OF MY JUICY GIRLS were there!
(not forgetting the guys. Lol)

I'm currently at Jiashin's house now.
Wei Juan is waiting me outside. WTHLOL.



Gotta go school tomorrow! AHHHHH!
Then going for a hair-do around 3pm, SPACE/MAISON/MOS after that.


Singapore, I'm COMING!! :D

Not forgetting to work soon.
Canon, PDA, Parkson. :)

P/s: I think he's real cute. Mr. Jung! :D

I'm too busy to notice you, boy.

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