Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm born to be happy!

(A picture taken at MOS last thurs with my Yilai, Manda)

Friends are meant to be there for you.
Anytime, anywhere. :)

I've grown up.
Mum, don't worry.

& I know,
God will bless everyone. :)


Ekonomi Asas. :)

Tomorrow will be the last day I'm gonna wake up that early, putting on my baju kurung, stepping in that secondary school.

Wooooh, my high school life is officially ending after tomorrow.


Flashing back those times when I was at Catholic High School.

Form 1, my best friend passed away(Liau Wan Yee).
She was murdered by her own father. (The Serdang murder case.)

Form 2, when I was still a little girl in school?
Got hurt by a guy, very deeply.
Not forgetting my Chinese Society & the debate team's moments.

Form 3, Drama-rama cases & PMR's stress.
Our debate team represented Selangor. It was a very good experience.

Form 4, life is getting more & more interesting.
Socializing. Oh yes, I transfered to my current school, SMK USJ8.

Form 5, Very very messy, unhealthy lifestyles. But I gotta admit it was fun & crazy.
I've learned a lot, gone though a lot:
with my "half dead" family,
with my friends,
& by my own.

Time really flies.
Few more months later I'm gonna enter college & I'm sure it's gonna be a brand new start.
Get everything started, all over again.


But now, I'm gonna study hard for my ekons & after tomorrow,
heee ;p


Btw, some pictures taken last thurs at MOS -

Sarah, Manda, I & Nicole.

Lol, they are the powerpuff girls.

Jie Yi

Sweet girl.

Gotta go now!

Oh! One more thing,

The reason why I post this up is because I think this picture is super cute!

No any other meanings lah! Hee ;p
At least I cherished the moments we had before?

Perhaps you people will think I'm stupid for still treating him as a friend after what he had did to me,

But yeah, Maybe I just don't mind that much anymore.

Nice eyh? :)

Life is awesome.
Keep that in mind people! :)

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