Saturday, November 08, 2008

Infinity XO's

I know you love me :)
Feel my heartbeat, boy.
You make me feel brand new!

Dear Lord, I pray that my friends & I can excel in the upcoming exam O' God.
Thanks to my study mood!
I know I can do it.

Because you made me these way :)
I party hard, & study hard!
Woooooohoooo -

Hello people!
Before I start, I would like to wish all the Form 5's that's taking SPM 2days later:





So yeah,
Tuesday night, I went Ou for a movie.
Before that, I met up with my prom date & my yilai! :D

Relationships sucks, somehow.

Tempted to kiss me! Awww.

I loved you!
I missed you too yilai! :)
Don't forget our plan after SPM! Haha.

After Movie -
Random pictures are taken but yeah, only these two are allowed to be publish. :p

Jeff, Bryan & Deric.

The Monsters. Lol.

I gotta attend some seminar thingy at school.
Thanks baby for having breakfast together & fetching me to school early in the morning.

He's still blur.

" Sakit Kepala lah keep snapping photos! "

After school,
Went home & sleeeeep, study a while lah sejarah ma. Lol.

Thanks Yong Hui for fetching me to Sunway around 8pm :)

Awww, everyone, remember her?

Jeff picked me around 10pm I guess?
Headed to CenterPoint Macd again. Then Mayang to look after Nicole, Manda & Sarah.
All was kinda emo. :(

Out of sudden, Jiashin texted me because she wanna drink.
Emo also! :(

As you can see, I did not dress up at all.
So we went RainForest since Jiashin & I was craving for Long Island Tea.
(Deric don't like it I wonder why -.-)

After bla bla bla, ended up at Coco Banana.
Free entry, Free beer for Jiashin & I. :)
(While Jeff & Deric was waiting for AhPin & WaiChew)

My outfit to Coco. =/

Jiashin was tipsy enough.

Deric was "cute" enough too.

Jeffy was ...(cute) enough though.

Gone baby, Gone.

Told ya'
"Release stress before SPM!"
That's what she keep telling me when we're dancing.

Hot Chiq yo`

Don't ask me how we got in there.
We seriously don't know! Haha

Us with Coco Banana's DJ crews.

Friendly enough.


It was our 1st time entering Coco Banana if you did't know.
(As in Jiashin & I)

It was a fun night.
(Eventho its just me & her. Lol)

Went to Summit because I wanted to claim my warranty thingy but failed.

Had Sushi King for dinner :)
(what's with your face lah! lol)

& Then headed to Ou again around 8pm.
Brad & Jiashin suggested to watched James Bond.
So yeah, movie night.

I love Hello Panda's!
(But I love the one holding it more. Heee!)

Hmmm, Ou's cinema is better than Sunway I guess?
But still,
I don't like Ou. No offence!
(Melisa agreed with me totally)

Just that,
We prefer Pyramid so much more.
What to do?
We Sunway people maah. Lol.


A very nice picture.

Bye bye schoolmates :(

I will never forget you all.




Jim Sook Yin, stay strong.
You can do it.

Woei Hoon.

People come & go.
Friends come & go either.
But still, we'll meet again someday. :)

Melisa picked me up around 3pm & we headed to Sunway.
(where else lah, haha)

Around 8plus, Chun Jui & Tzia picked me up & we headed to Asia Cafe.
Met up with Shin Yee & Ker Yi. :)
Had our yumcha session along with Ivan, Yeewei & Mich!

Lovely babe of mine.
She can just call me out of no where just to tell me that she missed me!
Awww! ;p

Yeah right, Ivan is a supeeeerrrrstaaaarrrr! Hahahaha!!

Ker Yi & Shin Yee.

Tzia & Chun Jui.

My lovely & I.

Sweetie pies :) *laughs*

Chun Jui sent us back to Tzia's place around 10pm.
Visited her PINK ROOM. Seriously too pink for me =/
Jeff & Deric picked me up from her place & we headed to Brad's house for drinking session.

I was the photog that night.

To snap shang hong's silly face! Wahaha!

He's dead with his Doremon!


Thanks Jiashin. Heee.

See how red my face is.
Yes, my blood circulation is good.

As in today lah!
But its currently 4.20am in the morning now.
So yeah.

Anyway, I leave to Pyramid bout 7pm justnow.
Met up with Melisa & Jie Yi.
Mingled around, accompanied Jie Yi to get her stuffs,
& of cause gossips. *laughs*

Went down to KL with Melisa because of my dear Lai Yeng! :)
Yeah, Quattro Club.
Its a club with 4 difference season. Fun I guess?
Don't ask me because I went in not more than an hour. -_________-

21 & above. Tsk Tsk.

Winter bar.
Seriously, Its damn cold!
The temperature is around 10 Degree only. I don't like it.

Here comes the camwhore sessions.

Lai Yeng's sis.
13 years old!! O.O

Toilet break.

Mwahs, I appreciate you.

Autumn bar.

Much better but a lil too crowded.

At least, this is what a club should look like.
(not like the winter part)

Lai Yeng, I love you!

I treated you as my elder sis already.
Thanks for going through up & downs with me for the past few months.
Thank you darling.

& I know, you loved me too. Heeh!

1st time meeting each other.


Bryan is cute?
Bryan is nerd?

Nahh, he's just adorable when he's with Melisa's specs. :)

Deric is cool?
Deric is yeng??

Nahh, I-dont-know-what-to-type-already. Haha!


He insist to fetch me from ss2 to Subang(my house) no matter what.
Eventho Melisa can send me home!
(The distance of my house & melisa's is only 5mins walking distance.)

Dumbo Monster Kew! Haha.

Once a posers, Forever posers.
Once a photographer, Forever more nice pictures! :D


I'm stress,

I'm unhappy,

I'm mooody.




I know I'm thinking too much.
Blame SPM lah!
Give me so much pressure for what?!

I'm glad I've you God.
I love you Lord.

I'm gonna get my ass off to bed now.
Good night! Xo's.

Aiming for a better life.
Is all I ever needed from you Lord.

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