Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"ENVY ME" - That's my word.

Dear God in Heaven,
Blessed be thy name.

Thanks for everything O' God.
Only you know the best, what's going on.

Please bless the people around me.
Touched their heart,
make them more like you.


I'll be your sweetest drug.
I'll be the best you'll never had.

I'm glad you knew it.
& I'm happy with the way you treated me,
so differently.
Oh, I know you loved me -
Because I am your one & only Princess.

Its been a long week. :)
So yeah, pictures will do most of the talking because I gotta go for my Sejarah books!

7 days till SPM.

1st paper: SEJARAH.

Any tips? Haha.


Went out around dinner time.
Seh Zun, Ming Yu & John came & picked me from my place.
Headed to Ou after picking up Manda & Sarah from Aman Suria & Ss2.

Thanks Zun for your treats that night! :)


(playing with my phone somemore)

(Ahaha I wonder why.)

These was part of the dishes.

"Eh John, Help me take that fish!"
(John ignored.)

Alah, I take myself better! Haha.

Zun: What you guys doing? O.O

Sarah was posing! :D

This was candid.

Jeffy, Deric & Bryan came to Ou too because I was there.

Watched Max-dont-know-what-movie & I was busy distubing Deric & Jeff because I seriously dislike actions movie. :(

Deric with the very-cute-hello-kitty-bread that Bryan claims that he purposely bought it from Cheras just for me. Yeah right. Hah :p

Pocky! :)
Jeff bought it for me without telling me.
Awww, Thanks!

After the movie, We went Banana Leaf.
Yes, I was suppose to surprise Jeff with the Marlboro Red but yeah, I failed.
They knew that I went 7-11 is because of it! ISH!!

Too smart, tooooo smmaaaarrtttt!

Bryan with the Hello Panda that Jeff bought for me without telling me, AGAIN!

I went to school for the rehearsal thingy.
Melisa picked me after school.
Headed to Pyramid for lunch & spend time with her alone.

Same slippers :)
Mine & Melisa's.

Jeff came to Pyramid & look for me because I have to accompany him to fix his exhaust thingy,
Then Brothers, then Aman Suria.

Yes, the car is his wife. -_______-

For blogging purpose.
(Yeah I seriously felt that ever since I start blogging, i'll take pictures whenever I went.
Agree with me? Bloggers?)

While waiting him inside the car.
Spot the pictures! Awww, he's so sweeet.
(Told ya, I'll just snap pictures whenever I'm bored! Haha)

Went back to ss2 around 7pm I think?
Yumcha-ed with Soon Teck & his girl, Deric & Melisa.

Soon Teck!
& Poh Yee.

I went back to Pyramid around 8+pm with Melisa.
& then Jeff picked me up at Pyramid around 9+pm.

We went Centre Point Macd because of Deric's assignments.


British India's lime green colar tee!
I like! :)

Bumped into Leland, Silas, Ken & the gangs there.
Leland, Smile :)

Melisa came to Centre Point with Ray.
& then, we went up to Genting again. -_______________-

Deric was hyper enough.

Mel & Ray.

& I was his personal photog that night.



My beloved.

baby melisa :)

Told you, He's hyper.

I was nonstop clicking.

Thanks baby :)

Chilled & walked around at Genting.
Old-Town moments.

Unforgettable night.

See, Agree with me?

On our way back, Jeff & I argued.
I'm sorry.
I've never seen you that way before.

I'm sorry, I know you're just sensitive because you cared for me.
Thanks boy, We'll prove them wrong. :)

Yeap, Graduation Day!
It was a cold morning. I felt a little moody, duhh.
Secondary life no more.

Everyone dressed nicely.

Its our BIG DAY.

I love this Kebaya. :)

The ceremony was boring.
But the class party was fun!


5 Dedikasi,
Its really the best class I've ever met.
The classmates, the teachers.

I'd never forget.

Zing Ying.

My gorgeous friends & teacher.

Cherish the moments we had together.

Willy Soong.

Yong Hui called me around 11.45am.
Hm, school aren't end yet but I still left because he had already reached my school.

Went to Taipan Strawberry Fields.

My all time favourite loudao.

My all time favourite babe, baby "Keith"! :D

Went to this seminar: "Science of getting rich".
It was great somehow.

Aunty dropped me at ss2 after the seminar.
It was about 12midnight.

Met up with Jeff.
Wanted to yumcha with Bryan but ended up at Barcelona because of my baby Jia Shin's call.
Hell yeah, Halloween night?

Bumped into Tons of people.
Let me list out. Haha.

Nenlin, Kapoh, Pam, Chinlee, Amira, Boon Mun, Yong Hui, Ah Kit, Nick, Silas, Leland, Wenxiang, Cally, Winston, Shinji, Edwin, Chung, Kiasiang, ZhengWei.. Etc.

Lou Dao? GONE.

Nen! :p

Tak boleh tahan the crowd.
We left after 20mins. :)

Reached home bout.. Dont remember.

I slept the whole day because I weren't feeling well.
But still, I went out around 12midnight to Station One, Taipan.

Jeannie & Deric.

Melisa & Ray.

Bryan & Jeff

Was in the drinking mood so yeah, we drank one tower of beer.
Out of no where, my Yilai texted me. (p&c la)

& then, we went to Mardi.
I don't rmb when was the last time I went Mardi already. Lol.

Overall, It was a fun night.
(Forget about the Jason Teh part, stop asking k?)

My dearest Prom date & Yilai!

Nic's finger. I was kissing manda!

Ray, Melisa & I.

3 years ago was the 1st time we met!

We've been through a long way,
I love you.

I, Nic, Manda, Mel, Sarah.

Darren is pimping! :D

Look at her!

Darren, Juan & I.

Bryan, I & Melisa.

Hot chiq, Sarah.


Dato! & Mel.

I love this picture.

Rui Yang came over too.
Went to Banana Leaf for yumcha session.

After sending them back, shit happens.
I aint gonna mention bout it but yeah, you promised me not to do so anymore.
I don't wanna see you get hurt because of fighting. Okay?

Dramas? Nahh, I'm so not into it.

Busy preparing for my Malam Mesra.
(Its an school annual dinner)

Thanks Sook Yin, you're my best classmate ever.
(I know what you're gonna say, "classmates mah!")

Sri Sedaya Hall.

I was told to perform at the last minute.
But end up, I still refuse to sing. :(

Jeff, Deric & Jason picked me up from Sri Sedaya.
Met up with Melisa at Sunway.

Brought my friends in Barcelona.
& then we went to AC for supper!

Must be looking at Chiqs!
Nahh, they were looking at the cars.

Went back in Barcelona to look after my friends & guess what?
I bumped into my long-lost-brother!
I missed you kor! :D

AJ. Those times. Lol!

I still dont rmb what time I reached home. Haha.

Went to Brothers with Jeff, Deric & Mandy.
I bought this for my baby melisa! :)

Hope you'd love it :)

Went back ss2, met up with Bryan.
After that, Pasar Malam time!


haha, you're not tall enough to show your face! :D

Jeffy Kew,
Thanks for being so sweet,
Thanks for being so concern,
Thanks for being so caring,
Thanks for treating me so differently!
Thanks for everything.

Poor little jealous kid..
ahhh.. :(

I pity you,
I felt ashame for you.
Go back to the place you should be.
You're not meant to be here, with me.
Bye bye! :)

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