Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beautiful baby love.

Made by Jeffy kew.

The day before yesterday when we're at Taipan Macd eating Mcflurry Oreo Mudpie along with Jia Shin. :D

-Where's the love & promises you gave me?
-Feelings had faded?

Haha, I don't need you anymore.
I know I've someone better,

Days are pretty hectic for me nowadays.
Thank God I've back to my study mood. :)

Just a month -
Less outing, will you? UHUH.

I hope you're feeling better now.

You better feel better now too!

Lovely pies :)

Well, The day before yesterday I went to ss2 for pasar malam & had a few yumcha session along with Jeff & Manda.

I met up with Won & her boyf at Yipee cup :)
Its been a while since we really talk.

Thank God nothing had change between us, I'm still that happy-go-lucky-adele!
Don't worry bout me alright?

I'm always fine, forever fine. *smiles*

Won -

Our friendship will remain the same :)
Study hard ahh!

& then -
Nen Lin was calling me from Sun Hin Loong(haha) -
Jacky, Joanna & Bryan came along too.

The whole gang was there including John, Ming Yu(sorry lah i still prefer calling you mingyu than Daniel! :D), Seh Zun, Jeffrey.

Had fun talking(more like gossiping) with them :)

I miss you a lot ah ..

Ms. Soo Nen Lin!

Went to KLIA after that with Jeff & his dad & of cause manda :)
Haha, Chun Lam was tricked! (He thought manda is leaving M'sia!)


& Yesterday I went to Pyramid with Jeff & Tzia along for Sushi's.
Headed to Jia Shin's place around 7pm.

Ate our dinner at some mamak along with Bradly & then he dropped us at Tiff's place!
I miss you girls so much!!

Mwahaha ♥

Sher's gotta new mirror!

I snap.
Sher walked pass -

I snap *
Much better :)

Girls talk & Gossips.
Awww, We cant wait after SPM! :D

Went to the field outside Sher's house to chill.

Jessica darling!

Ms Loo.

Shermaine syg! :)

Looks a little haunted ahh, halloween leh. Lol!

Then suddenly Ming Yu called me.
Asked me out to yumcha.
So yeah, they came to Tiff's house & picked me up & we headed to ss2 Island Cafe.

Abel & Chan Ming Yu. Haha -

Seh Zun & John Chan -

Daniel Chan Ming Yu!
Haha, Don't worry I'll ask the REASON for you!

Left Island Cafe & then headed to Melisa's house!
I think its about 1+am already.

After talking to her, Jeff & I left for a little snacks at Station One.
We decided to go Genting -______________- (ya right 2+am in the morning omg)

Brother & Sisterly Love :)

Mouse wanna be? ;p

Highlands Hotel Lobby :)

Cravings for Mcflurry Oreo Mudpie.
You guys seriously need to give a try! :)

Tsk Tsk, Guess who's?
I pun takut! HAHAH WTH LOL BBQ!!


I guess I finally know what I really want.


Friday is my Graduation Day-

Bye Form 5,
Bye secondary school.

I still miss you, Catholic High School.

Let me taste your lips,
just for once.

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