Monday, October 27, 2008

You gave me hope to carry on.

Father Lord in Heaven,
Forgive all of my sins.
Wake those people up, Make them more like YOU O' God.


Oh you love me? -
Ohh you hate me?

Hah, I don't care :)
I've fantastic friends around me & that's enough for me.

I've been thinking of all these since the day I met you.
Perhaps, actions speaks louder than words.


Before I start,
I wanna make a loud shout out:


(The Jay Chou addict, Adele is back in action too! ;p)


Bought his latest album already?
Capricorn aka Mo Jie Zuo.


See the amount of album Jay had sold before the album launch! O.O



I've been hanging out very often these days.

Well, that's our life before SPM.
I cant imagine how fun would it be AFTER SPM!!
Hor Jiashin? Haha.

(Okay you must be thinking whats wrong with this girl. SPM is not even over yet LOL)

Working, shopping, yumcha-ing, Genting-ing, gossiping, cheong k-ing.. etc.

Not forgetting,

15 more days till SPM!

Form 5's, are you ready?

Adele wished all of us all the best :)

Okay let me continue,

Thanks Jeffy for fetching me all around :)


I went for karaoke session with Nicole, Manda & Sarah last week.
I miss singing, & dancing! Ahhhhhhh -

(I just cant wait till I finish my SPM!)

I know you'll be fine my yilai because I'll be there for you.

& the few days before yesterday I guess,
I went Leo's for yumcha session with Jason, Darren, Juan, Chili & the rest.

Just feel like taking pictures because I dont have a single pic with them.
& you know what, life's unpredictable.

Okay maybe I always think too much. :(

Haha, "Gong Ye Sou" -

Enough with your hottie here hottie there lah :D

Datuk!!! :)

Oh & guess what?
I found these in Jason's wallet.
Haha, & all of his ex-es pictures.

Okay well I'm just being random.

So I did went to Barcelona last week to celebrate Zheng Wei's b'day.
As I said in my previous post, there's lotsa pictures! :)

Ya right, Monster.

Kok Fei, Hope you're okay because that night you weren't that okay. Hm.

Thanks for being there for me.

Fate brought us together after 3 years. Lol.

Toilet break?

Deric & Bryan!
Love' em.

Chung & Jia Shin.

I love this picture so much!
Zhen Bon & Kok Fei.

Zhen Bon aren't sober anymore. Haha.

Deric Lee Wei Xian.
When was the 1st time we met ah?
Think, How many years before these? Lol.

Dont you dare to keep my wifey wanyee waiting for you anymore!

Ker Yi.
Stay sweet with Shin Yee! :D

Say Hi to Edmund.

Lok Gei. -______________-

Not forgetting my darling,
Jia Shin.

You've been through thick & thin with me & I seriously appreciate it.

How bout my working place?
It's fun as usual but Tzia & I felt a little misplaced yesterday.

Not gonna elaborate more but yeah,
Still love PDArena :)

My Supervisor, Edwin -
That thought Tzia & I a lot of things especially relationships.

Yi-Vonne paid me a visit along with Gordon too.
I know you can excel in the coming BIG EXAM!!

I went Sg. Wang last Fri & I bought few shorts & Bikini!
Awwww, I cant wait till the next round! :D

(Well I just cant wait till I finish SPM)
(Imaginating ... Omg Lmao.)

Thanks Deric. :)

Oh Lee Hak Kan is at Sg. Wang that day too!

Bryan & the pig. :)

Jacklyn darling! :)

We love braces! :)

I had fun talking with pouz bout the things that happened in Godezz especially that something bout HER.

People are just different classes sometimes.
As if you get what I mean. Ahahahhaaaaa!

Special shout out to you Nicole:

" Cheer up & be fine.
Everything will be fine as time goes by. "

"I'll give you a kiss whenever you needed me."


Sometimes I seriously don't get you guys.
What did girls did to deserve all these from you people?

Girls are fragile as glasses.
Once you break'em, It'll never be the same anymore.


I seriously hate you!
There's a lot of YOU appeared in my mind right now.

"I'll make you regret for leaving me. She's nothing better than me, NOTHING."

"I'm sorry for letting you go, Perhaps friends is the way we meant to be.
But yeah, who knows what'll happen tomorrow?"

"You're still young for all these, stop telling me you drank a lot you club a lot.
I need someone that's matured enough, Wake up. Please?"

"Thanks for everything you've done for me.
When the time's come, I'll be yours.
All yours."

Glamorous & Posh,
Cheap & Dirty.

You chose the second one.
So say Bye to me.

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