Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monster's loves.

I said, I aint suitable for relationship now.
But still, Thanks for trying so hard to build the love in my heart boy.


(Im blogging in my shop so ill just cut in short)


(As in belated lah!)

I knew you put on foundation lah. Haha.

I've so much to do but yet so little time left.
Can someone help me? :(

Oh yesterday Jeffy's car is banged by a stupid malay motorist!
Damn it.

Can you imagine that?
Its just a motorbike! @#$%^&*()_.
The car infront of us suddenly emergency break, so we have to break also lah.
Mana tau, the motor behind us.... -_____________-

Sorry Jeffy Kew Chee Leong! :(
If its aint me asking you to use that road, this weren't happening. :(

800bucks gone. Ahhhhh -

How can a normal motorbike manage to do this?!

& he can still run away with his bike. -____________-
I wonder why. SWT.
I curse you man stupid malay fella!

She is the PROM QUEEN of SMK seafield 08'

Yah I went Barcelona that night to celebrate Zheng Wei's bday.
Hell lotsa pictures. Haha, you'll wait for my next update kay? :)

Thats all for now. :)
Happy Birthday Ah Pin :)

& Jeff suprise me with this:

I thought what is it. Suddenly give me present. -____-

Heaps of M&M's!!

& then,
He asked me to count how many packets is in.
So yeah, I took out & count..


I saw this in it. OMG!!! @#$%^&*(*&^%$#

He knew I loved it.
Awww, Thanks so much Jeffy Kew :)

10 packets of M&M.
Haha fattening! :(

Sugar candy.
Sweetest sweeeeeet. :)

Will update more soon :)

Learning how to let you go.
Because I wanna lean on you.
Yes, YOU.

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