Friday, October 03, 2008

Wo Bu Yao Zai Xiang Ni.

Pump it -

You wanna know something?
Uhuh, I'm getting butterflies in the stomach :)

Is't it a good thing? I don't know.


So the day before yesterday was my second day of work.
Overall, It was fun. :)

& guess what?

Ya, blogging while working. Lol.
You know what, I was like: "Haih, I wanna blog lah!"

Then they said: "Blog la!"
I shouted: "Don't have USB lah!"

Lol, he took the USB cable out for me :)

After transferring my pictures to the com, I then downloaded to Photoscape to his com.

I know you are jealous, because I'm working is such awesome place :)


I went to MOS yesterday night.
It was a last minute plan for me.
Because I'm feeling real exhausted.

I still went because too many friends was there.
& I thought of going in a while.
But yeah, once I went in...

I can't resist it. Lol.
Melvin, Aunjunn, Seng Chung, Jacklyn, Max, Yeehui & gang, Cassisy, Nick, Cally, Allyssa, Jeffy, Deric, Bryan, Ah pin & my PDArena's friend was there :)

Max with his super blue contacts.

This is my boss.

Pamela was there too!
Silly girl.

I met a new friend, Stephanie :)

She's hot. Oh she's Munkit's ;p

Ben :)
My sangat macho punya friend.
Cause he spend me 2 packet of Macd french fries! :D

Cassidy!! :)

Cassidy, Sorry lah this is the 1st & only pic i had with you.

Pamela ;)

Sexy girl Uhuh.

My yilai. I love you!

Nicole's sis. I dont know her name :S
I know she's freaking hwat.

Sarah with her fake tattoo! Lol

Manda & Sarah

Hah, Jeremy! Long time no see!


Well, Its time to hardcore study already!

You'll see me in Macd Taipan everyday start from next week :)

Oh tomorrow is sookwai's bday! :D

& Oct 6 is Ching Chek's bday!!

I like you.

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