Thursday, October 02, 2008


Imma kill you!

I'm in the super hyperactive mode recently.
You'll know if you hanged out with me!

It was from Deric & Jeffy, somehow I told Jikz & Darren.
& it start spreading.

GOSH. Adele is LAME.


Its 4.13am now.
I'm still sitting infront of the com. I have a lot to blog, seriously.

I reached home 2 hours ago.
Realized that my dad aint at home but his room door is unlocked!

6 more hours & I'll have to work again.
Overall, The job was fun :)

IT center in Sunway Pyramid.
Which I can actually walk around, run around, using phones, using the computer!

Seriously, Its fun.


Finished work at 8pm.
Went to Racks & then headed to Pui Teng's place for BBQ.

Oh & Jeffy accompanied me today. Break time lah! Ahah.


Pictures from Saturday - Hanged out with my close besties in class.

Sook Yin.
We're not that kinda friend.
You're special.


Pictures from Nicole - Barcelona(Sunday night)

I love my prom date too!

Barcelona's toilet.

Not forgetting my baby, Jiashin. :)

Monday night - USJ2 Cyber.

Yes, we were staring at the com.

Then we stared camwhoring.


I love this picture so much!

Tuesday - Worked at Chanel counter.

Yeah, I was working on that day.
It was so-so.

Jeffy picked me up & we went Old Town, Taipan along with Tzia & Deric for a drink.
Yes, LAMO session.

Was suppose to go for a movie with them at ou around 11.30pm but I went for the drinking session at Leo's with Darren & friends.

Headed to SS2 for supper.
I tell you. I was super lame that night.
Everyone was there can tell. :)


Today - Working at PDArena.

Everything was so well :)
Oh I met my hubby Ka Poh, & Jeff Piong. Donkey!


p/s: I wanna know whether am I in love? :)

One more week then its pra-spm.
Feel the beat baby.

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