Saturday, September 13, 2008


(A picture of mine & Jiashin's hair at Barcelona yesterday)

You wanna keep an eye on me?
You have to make sure you have the power to do so :)

I had already let go.
Because I realized I deserve someone better.
I'm sorry.
That's all I can say.


So I went Daniel's party at his place nearby ss2.
Met up with Jean-ni & we went together.

omg, I was bored to death.
Because I dont know anyone there!

& my ex was there -___________________-
Alright, Everything was just fine.

Daniel, Happy Belated Birthday!!
I know you will read my blog! :)

Thanks for trying to help between me & him.
I know you're such a nice guy. HAHA! Ceh... ;D


Headed to Barcelona along with Jiashin.
Brad, Don't worry.
I took good care of her :)

It was a lil boring at first, but overall it was okay.
I met Muyo there.
Hm, Chin Lee, Amira, Pam & Boon Mun was there too.

I met Nick again -___________-

Oh & Jia Renn, Stanley, Kit zai was there also. :)

The 1st pic taken before we start drinking.
Jiashin, I & Muyo.

After dancing a while, Chilling.
Boon Mun & I

Someone is kissing Edwin!
Thanks to both of them for taking care Jiashin & I's belongings. :)

Guess who?

Muyo aka Munyoong. :)
Totally gone yesterday. lol

Jia Renn :)

I'm tipsy.
Jiashin, Thanks for everything :)

Amira :)


Juan picked me & Jiashin around 3+am.
Sent Shin home, yumcha till 4+am.

Reached home around 5am.
I admit I cant sleep well.
Thanks to you again.

Don't ever treat my friend that way.

Anything, LOOK FOR ME!

You wont know how frustrated I am.
When I was in Barcelona, everyone keep calling.
Asking me the same thing!

"Where are you?"
"Who are you with?"
"Who fetch you there?"
"You know XXX damn bloody mad now ah?"
"Come out now!"
"I pick you now."

I've had enough of it.
Its over.

Thanks to those who helped me out.
I really appreciate it. :)

Going out with Jiashin later :)
Have fun peoples!

Oh Macd Taipan tomorrow, Anyone? :)
Accounts :)

More than a friend?

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