Friday, September 12, 2008

Turn it on.

(A picture of mine sitting at MOS's smoking area)

When its time to study, You study.
When its time to party, You Party! :D

After all the struggles,
At last, Its time to let go.
I know what I'm doing.

Dont have to worry :)

Before I start,
I "proudly" present you this:

Yes, Thats my phone.
(No, Its my brother's phone. & yeah, I have to get him a new one!)

I dropped his phone in the middle of the road,
& when I saw it, It was turned this way already. :(


I have to waste another few hundred bucks!


I'll just cut it short.
Pictures will do the talking :)

Last Friday:
I went Sunway Pyramid.

My baby always :)

I hanged out with April.

She's hot.

& cute.

Kapoh rang me up.

& I met her :)

Saw Jeanni & Jeff at Taipan.

Winston's bday.

My favourite.


Went to Jia Shin's place after dinner.
You school shoe is still with me girl! :)

Last Saturday & Sunday:
Roadshow for Maxis.

I like their uniform. :)

Semander! I did't know she's working as the same event as me! :D

Anand's :)

Told you the job is fun :)


Cant stop taking pictures.

Catherine the shy shy girl.

Celina, the nice girl.

:) Pretty girl.

The girl's shoes.

Guess who's? :)

BM paper- kinda hard. But I think I can get B? :)

Went Goldmine with Yushi, Sinyew, Laiyeng.
Reached home around 10+pm.

Cheer up darling, Everything will be fine :)

Queenie! :)
So sweet of you.


Lai Yeng & Queenie.

Sweet & Loving.

Lai Yeng & I.

BI paper, I can do :)

I'm sick.
Went tuition around 8pm.
Then only realized no tuition that night. -____________-
Went yumcha with Grace, Hoeyen, Jason, Juan & Douglas.

Grace & Yen.

Sejarah paper 2.

I slept on 4.30am that night.
Spending time on the phone more than the book.
Talked to more than 5 person that night.

Thanks to you.
You know who you are.

Was super sick on that day.
But still went to Taipan around 5pm along with Zheng Wei, Grace & friends.

Skipped tuition,
Old Town yumcha around 8pm with Juan, Jason, Douglas, Darren, Chili.
Nicole & her boyf came too.

Ate 4 panadols that day :(
Oh & Jean-ni called me. Ahah, Going to Daniel's party later.

Moral & Sejarah paper 1.

Came home & sleep, sleep & sleep only. -__________-
I'm still sick.

Went to tuition.
Phone kena crashed.

Headed to MOS around 10+pm.
Woohoo- Many of them were there. :)

Hmm, Zheng Wei & Grace.
Gary & friends, Jason, Darren, Chili, Douglas, Juan, Nicole & her boyf, Amanda, Sarah.

I met Yee Hui, Yi Pei, Chai Yong!
Thanks yeehui for your VIP sits :)

Did't know Picky & Jacqueline was there until Picky called me. ;p
Nick from myJAYsian was there too.
Hah, Jason Voon & Kimkiat is also there yesterday.

Oh & Jia Shin's brother- Dickson is there as well!
Chill Dickson :)

Ru yee was also there!

Mos is really much better than Barcelona.

Stupid Voon! :D

Kim Kiat.
Paiseh lah, I cropped myself out.

Rmb the 1st time we met?
2 yeas ago, Rush. :)

Nicole & Amanda.

Nicole :)

Yee Hui.



Overall, I had fun dancing with the hardcore womans up on the podium.
But many things happened yesterday,
Hope everything will be fine.

Went Bistro after MOS with Jason, Juan, Douglas & Chili.
Ernest came Bistro & picked me around 3+am.

Headed to Macdonald.
Online ma :)

Went home around 6am in the morning because that stupid Voon ffk me!
Lol, konon-nya alarm.
I slept till 3+pm.

& now I'm blogging.

Going to Daniel's b'day party later.
Oh & April asked me to meet her at Barcelona tonight.

Dad's not coming home today!

Monday accounts paper.
Ima hardcore study tomorrow :)

This is for you:
I'm writing all the stuff i did in my blog now.
& I know you'll read it.

Anything, find me straight.
Don't cari pasal with anyone.

Because, you aint my anyone anymore.

Dear Lord,
Thanks for the decision you had made for me.
Blessed be thy name.

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