Tuesday, August 12, 2008


[ http://dpaw-n-tails.blogspot.com/ ] -
Somewhere you can get cute pets with reasonable price! :)

So, Saturday I went AC & I met up with Kevin, bumped into Max along with hoeyen :)
Went Barcelona that night to celebrate Simon's bday & I had fun I guess.
Met up with some of my Catholic friends & Wei Ching yesterday.

WILL UPDATE SOON with tons of pictures :)

Once again, Happy Birthday to Simon! :)
Oops, TWO more days till my Hubby- Ka Poh & my sailoi- Benedict & Yu Shaun's birthday :)

p/s: Good Luck to all those who's having their PMR trials now!
p/s (ii): Going Genting this fri, anyone interested? *laughs*

You gonna get it from me.

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