Thursday, August 07, 2008

I've got my life, back!

I actually blogged & the connection lost & Its not save -_______-
I'm blogging again super no mood.

The after suffering from flu/cough/fever/sore throat for 3 days punya look.
(Did you ever think about me?)

I'm trying so hard to get away from your life.
Just let me go boy.
I said,
Let go.

The week is pretty boring & tiring.
But I still love tuesday :)

Guess who?
(so obvious lar right?)

I don't know what's wrong.
Suddenly only, all the sickness bump together.

But I'm feeling so much better now,
Thanks to all those people that actually cared bout me :)

I'm alright, Don't worry.
Adele is always fine :)

Look what I've been eating since yesterday:


Thanks to all these "thing" that I cant resist eating it.
I just love chocolate. :)
Because they're sweet!

It spelled H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S.

Days are pretty boring especially school days.
Because every teacher & almost all student are busy with the Perasmian Sekolah.

Oh, SMK USJ8 (my current school) is being official by tomorrow.
08.08.08 :)
& It'll be super grand tomorrow with all those BIG SHOT.


So yeah,
I actually skipped tuition yesterday & now I'm suppose to be in tuition either.
I'm still a lil weak so I prefer to stay at home :)
Will be going for the replacement tomorrow.

I have to start cleaning up my brains & filled it with Text book's word.
I have to start cleansing my heart & filled it with God's word.


I actually skipped school today because I was told that no teacher will be entering the class due to the preparation for tomorrow.

The classmates & I went swimming this morning! :)
(I was told by the doctor not to swim, but.. its okay lar right?)

Headed to Summit after swimming & I had fun playing the dance machine!
I felt so much better after sweating :)

I look short & fat. omg

Jim Sook Yin!
Spot yourself here! :D

Zing Ying & I.

Reached home around 1pm.

I felt that the world is so much bigger, better that you :)

I find that Chinese class is getting more & more interesting :)


I cant wait after SPM.
I'm so gonna pick up all my dancing lessons.

I wanna pop, I wanna hop.
& I wanna learn belly dancing! :)

Say cheeeeeseeeeee :)

p/s: David Archuleta's new song - Crush.
p/s (ii): Tomorrow's Olympic!
p/s (iii): I wanna take the Undang test, but when? I've no time! -____-
p/s (iv): We're just friends, we wont go any futher. Get it? :)

Just walk away please.

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