Monday, August 04, 2008

I still need a better reason.

My happiest moment.
Almost everyone want & thought we could last long.
Aha, You tell :)

You just would't know how deep the wound is.

I would rather let go,
& move on.
I will/can/must live without you.


So today is Monday.
I stayed back for study group & yeah, I've got the power of doing maths again!
Congrats me :)

5Dedikasi, lets make it every week :)

I still cant get over those stupid numb feelings yet but somehow I felt so much better when I'm in school or infront of the computer(of cause must have streamyx lar).

Dad is coming back by today! :(
Ewww, means I cant use the com that much anymore!
Its okay, Its time to study already! =/

So lets talk bout yesterday.
Its Community Baptist's Church's 34 years anniversary yesterday!
So 6 centers had a combine celebration at Chee Wen hall.

I can feel the presents of God while worshiping!
Imma joining the Worship team soon :)

Oh & guess what?
41 Korean King's Kid came & joined our celebration yesterday!
Korean children!
C-U-T-E .

The King's Kid performance

They were so cute & the church was filled with Joy!

The elder King's Kid performance!

Pastor Malcome is officially a Pastor now :)


I think everyone was concern bout the Miami peoples right?
Our church Pastor even went to Miami himself & helped them out.


We manage to...

Build a school for the children that cost us USD 8500 ;
A Model Village that cost USD 18750.

The Miami people came & thank everyone of us by performing a song of theirs :)


I love the service! :)


Ring me up! :)

Elisa! :)

Sherena! :D

I did't manage to snap a pic with Ying Yi & the others. :(
Its okay, we'll do it some other days :)

Mum dropped me at Sher's place around 1plus for Wanyee's party.
We were there for these...

I know you'll love it.

We left to Wan's place about 4plus.
While waiting Sher's mum...

(with the Rocky) *laughs*

Compare our eyes.
Mine is like, SO SMALL :(

Rocky :)

" No other face expression meh? "
Lol, I always said that to myself after looking back my own pictures.

We just love taking pictures :D

ONE- "MAN" - SHOW- time. :P

My turn to SS alone. :p

I've got two Rocky! Want some? :D

"mmmm ~"

" I did't know Rocky is so HARD & I cant bite it OMG! "
(sorry lar I know i'm lame -.-)


Reached Wan's place around 5pm.
We gave her the present :)


She was like:
"wah.. so nice!"
"wah..sooo nice."
"waahhh...sooooo niceeeeee!!"


Our planning was having picnic but since everyone cant make it so we decided to go for some shopping & also a romantic dinner!

But before that,
We actually had picnic..


With a lil french fries, papaya, kuih-muih, marble cake! Awwww.

We reached Pyramid about 7pm.
Walked a lil & then we decided to go for Ole-Ole-Bali for dinner.
(okay I'm the one who suggested it)

Bored enough while waiting the food to arrive.

My sweethearts :)

Oh & the food arrived!

Fish & Chicken combo meal

& this which named :

Its rice actually.

We ordered mash potatoes & yellow rice too.
We actually shared our food :)
So nice!!!

We shall have dinner together more often! :D


We left about 9pm :)
Before we leave, Sher & I brought her a lil muffin cake & we sang the b'day song to her.
Aww, blow the candle!

Happy b'day once again hubby ♥



Anyone interested to get Jay Chou's CD/VCD/SOUNDTRACK that's not available in M'sia?

Example: Secret OST. (I'm buying it! *smiles*)

If you're interested,
Kindly leave a tag on my tagboard or contact me in whatever ways you want :)

I promise you -Adele's heart,
I wont hurt you anymore.

The Heart's owner- Adele.

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