Monday, August 04, 2008

When the clock strikes at 12.


I know you'll enjoy your birthday :)
Have a great sweet sixteen!

I know your phone no credit, so you cant reply.
heee, I hope you'll see this soon :)

Wanted to update bout today but blogger really sucked, somehow.

All I wanna say is,
I love my hubby wanyee.

You know I care for you always :)

Make a wish :)
Must eat all the Rocky we gave you aite?
(I know you will lar)

A lil muffin from Coffee Bean for wanyee.

Combine church celebration was nice!
I love combine celebration! :)
Met quite a few members from Subang church :)

Oh I met Victoria & Alexander! :)

Will update more soon.
I'm so gonna hate myself if I'm still not studying by now.

Adele Chow,
Move on please.
You have no other choice.

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