Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dear Lord, I pray for forgiveness.

A picture tooken a month ago by suiyin.
& the cake that she suprised me :)

That was my happiest moment in life.
I blowed the candle, & I made a wish..

All I wished for is just you.

You wont know how much I love you,
You wont know how much I did for you.
You'll never know how deep the wound is.

We may be the one that loves each other the most,
Maybe there's no another one that can loves you like I do,
or either loves me like you do;

But its no longer important anymore.

Just that,


I aint playing with our feelings.
That's all.


So before I start telling what I've did last week & this week,
Just a shout out to a schoolmate of mine:

(remember to take your bday cake tomorrow! :)


The week was tiring & awesome.
Lets start from last Saturday.

I went AC with Hoe Yen & we met Kevin.
Bumped into Max & the others :)

We shall hang out more aite,
Tan Hoe Yen. :)

Hoe Yen


I left AC around 7pm & I went to pick Shermaine from her tuition center & we headed to Pyramid.

Had our dinner together along with Melisa :)
Sher left around 10pm, & I went to Melisa's house after that because she's wearing slippers & we're heading to Barcelona that night.

In her room.

Skipped that part.
So we went in to Barcelona because,
It's SIMON's b'day! :)

The party has just begin :)

Hope you had a great one Simon! :)

I was so boring & I started to camwhore with peoples around me!
As you can see, I'm still in avery good condition(as in i'm not sweaty/very ugly...YET)

My all time partner :)

Thanks for wasting your credit just to settle the prob between me & him.

Kok Mun.
(He refuse to, BUT.. FAILED!)

Thanks for all the advice & care to Yu Shi & me, I appreciate it!
Stay sweet with Pei Yi!

Wai Kiat.


After an hour I think?
Its party time! :D

Melisa & I even went up the speaker & dance!
1st time doing that & omg its super fun! :D

Look at the crowd & the DJ's beside me.
I took from the up view :)

I'm sweaty!

Here it goes again.

Some random shot tooken by i-dont-know-who.

I met Angelyne as well :)

After dancing, I chilled a while at the sofa :)

Random shot


Friends are meant to..

Guess who? :)

Outside Barcelona.

Reached home at 5am.
The next day,
I was suppose to join my Catholic friends for PaintBall but I cant go. :(
Screwed my dad. =/

But I'm happy enough to spent my Sunday(after church) with them :)
I met up with...

Jia Yann
Thanks so much for what you've did to help me :)

Ru Jing
You know I treat you as a very very best friend since always.
Don't change your wall paper! :D

Rou Ying

Wei Ching

We ate lunch together :)

Monday & Tuesday was boring as usual.
School, Tuition, School, Tuition =/

Wednesday which means yesterday,
I went Chinese class :)

Before that, We(sook yin, yew pang, shaun) had our lunch at Siha.
Oh & Andrew came & join us.

The weather is very HOT nowadays! :S
Pls take good care of yourself!

Chinese class aint boring because..





I syok sendiri with the people around me! :D
Sorry lar shaun! *lauggghhhhsssss*

He's concentrating.

My partner in crime :)

Nah, cute lar cute lar.
Jim Sook Yin, My "BFF" :)

"We're not that kinda friend!" :D

Oh & tuition is fun!
Especially Tuesday :)
I like my science teacher :)

That's all for now!

Oh & I heard the actual NS list is coming out by TOMORROW!
Go grab the newspaper early in the morning!!

Pls, Adele wont Kena!

Good Luck to all those who's had picked for NS.

(I wonder why Malays wanted to go so badly?) -_______-


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