Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another intersection in life.

People I missed, a lot.
(Jessica is not in! =/)

Will get to see you guys tomorrow muacks! :)

I aint the perfect one for you,
But I know,
You're always the perfect one for me.

I'm back from Genting :)

(I'm not really happy due to the stress gain by trials)

But still, Its still holiday right? *smiles*

(Tak syok lo, tuition is still on this week) =/

So lets start with Thrusday.
I went Macd in the afternoon & I met Nabil there! :)

He's going back Arab to study already!
Take care!


After that, I headed to Pyramid to find Melisa & we went for steamboat along with the others to celebrate Kent's farewell party.

He just went to Thailand for his studies yesterday :(
I went home early because the next day I'm going Genting by 7am.

Simon & dunno who.

Kent, Pei Yi, Kok Mun

Melisa, Munsing

I love steamboat :)
Tong was there too.

Pei Yi.
Thanks for your advices :)
All the best to you & Kent :)


Well, the next day which is Friday.

We gathered at school at 7am but thanks to those who came late,
we actually left school around 8.30am. -_________-

While waiting.

We reached Genting about 11am.
& the journey to Genting was so-so. Oh we ate Nasi Lemak beside the road & dustbin =/

Macho sial.

After putting our luggage inside the locker, we then headed to the outdoor themepark.

Well, I aint having the-very-excited-feeling because I dont play much thing in there.
So yeah, It was so-so.

Selamat Datang to Genting.

Seems like everyone don't really wanna play those roller-coaster,
We went & tried this:
(dont laugh)

The spinning cup!
You can actualy spin yourself very very fast & I garanty its fun! :)

The swing-swing game is always a must.

Sook yun, my partner in Genting.

We had fun :)

The view was pretty.

Flying dragon :)

& I bought this "macho" shades/specs for only RM3

We cam-whored a lot.

We spend almost half an hour just for this.

Gold Cart.
(I look like some, er.. Well, I don't know.)

& then bumper car.


Dinner at Kenny Rogers.
I accompany Andrew to hunt something for his girl :)

& I ending up buying these:

For my 2 lil cute brother :)

Went back hotel & I realized I actually camwhored a lot during the whole trip.
I'm showing you some now & its just a part of it.

Showing my nail colour - BLUE

"HEHEHE"-ing with the PURPLE cap.

After making up & changed:
More pictures(of myself)



I just don't know why my hand is there.
haha, but the picture wont be nice without my hand putting there.
(oh crap)

I love Blue Lagoon.

So pretty!
It taste a lil sweet & sour plus the 7-up feel, that cost me RM25.30

I shall be the bar-tender :)

I'm always in the ss-mood.

Oops. =X

Naughty brother kena sista cubit :p

Happy family :)

Bang wall.
Guess who? ;p


I never edit a single thing.
Somehow Genting always give effects like this.
Hm, sounds a lil creepy.


Andy & I look alike?
macam dia abang I adik!

Sook Yun the baby girl :)

Siew Kim.
People say we look alike.





We look alike meh?

Sista & brother punya phone :)

On our way back.

God's creature :)

Guess who's? :)

I like this picture, Sook Yun & Adele.

Oh & this picture is for you, "classmate"!
(you know who you are, HAHAH)

Did't expect I'll get something from didi :)
Thanks Andrew!

I actually reached home around 7pm.
Was suppose to attend Ben & Kapoh's bday party but I dont know where is it + I'm dead tired.

Sorry ya, will have an outing with you guys soon :)

Oh & Happy Birthday to Kapoh(Deric's girlfriend)!
I did't manage to attend her party as well because I had already fell asleep! =/

That's all for now!
Going out later :)

& WTH, I LOST MY SHADES!!!!!!!!!!!
I want a new shades!!!!!!!!

I wanna change my style.
The inner & outer part of me.

Bring me along.

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