Sunday, May 04, 2008

such a failure.


So yesterday was,
hanging around pyramid with jiashin.

Had a lil fun :)

Going in shops & try & try & try & try, but did not buy.
Had some girl talks since we two barely hang out together already.

& the day was all about BEACH ! :D

I headed to Shin's place & her mum fetched us to Pyramid.

Helped her to rearranged her blog! heh, just a lil :p


Once we arrived pyramid,

We went Discreet.

She loves this yellow dress.

The beach style!

Colourful ladies.

The sexy backs *

Her mum said we look alike. Zz

We then headed to Gasoline!
(we both love the feelings there. lol)


Awwww, the Bday card we gave her!!! :DD

Pretty candid.

Our outfit.

Forever 21 is a MUST.

i like my dress/top ; she like her top.


Jia Shin

* dunnowhattotype *

She's my sexy friend.

The '' Skinny Bitch '' T-shirt.

Jia Shin bought this lingerie.
I know she love it so much & she can resist taking it out right after she paid.

Infront Starbucks.

` still checking whether she bought the right size

I cant stop laughing.
(sry for the blur picture)

Reached her house :)

We then went up to the room.


I was damn happy! I know all of us feel the same too! :)
(but you see some part drop off edi. =/)


Today was,
went to Church early in the morning :)

After worship, i went up to the Sunday School & helped my mum,

with these bunch of 3-5 year old kid.

They love taking photo! :D

Cute one.

Looking at my mum.

Ok, they're bored.



A place that we gather together & worship the Lord.

Came home & i'm here now :)

Just dont know why, feeling a bit EMO right now.

- I wanna buy more Jay Chou's 08' concert merchandise yet i cant due to cash prob.

- I wanna get good results but its too late to study now. No matter how hard i study, i still cant finish all the chapters.

- I wanna remove all my scars. My body scars is not those PIMPLES, MOSQUITOES BITE.. etc.

- I'm lack of cash now.

- I hate that woman that snatch my dad away!

Watever, blog is somewhere i can express.

If you dont like to read what i'm writing.
Just GET LOST from this page. Thanks.

Oh ya, I dont smoke.
Dont misunderstand because of my precious post. :)

3 more days to Midterm.

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