Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A phrase of mine.

Preety pale these days. & i love my mum.

Mothers Day is coming! :D

They always give us the best, but what we did for them?

Its time to show your love to your precious mum.


(wishing all the best to myself.)


Stayed back at school ytd & today.
I really should study hard.

Now i realize the MOST IMPORTANT THING we, a student really should do is, STUDY HARD.

We have a chinese phrase which called '' XIAN KU HOU TIAN '' which means work hard first & you'll get to enjoy later.

I really agree.


Some random shit:

Hang on, I'm Bueno-ing!

Ekonomi notes & Maths.

Mini Cornetto.

` Suffering & pain is on me now yet i cant do anything.
All i can is to concentrate on the other thing so i dont have to feel my pain again & again.

Its too late to apologize. I know.
I'll learn my lesson & appreciate everyone, everything around me before its too late.

Trying my very best to work hard on everything, so that there wont be second regret in my life. `

* I wonder why we'll only know how to appreciate when we lose' em. *

I wont think that much anymore.
All i will do is study real hard & put everything aside.

Someday i'll be fine, be fine.

Life is wonderful if you see them with the way you should.

I will do my best & leave the others to GOD.

My feelings would't change.

Putting my feelings right inside my heart doest mean that i dont have feelings.
Get it or not, its all up to you.

P/s: I'll learn to smile more.

A torn in your heart has been removed.
I knew you're happy.

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