Friday, May 09, 2008

being together was a crime to you.

I miss those time we had together.


Exam starts today.

I studied ekons with all of my heart yet i still dont know how to answer the paper completely.
How useless i am?


Oh boo, no more emo post.

Although i'm 100% sick now, no point writing ir here tho.

& i sneeze more than 100times ytd night plus today during exams.

& i slept without aircond ytd night, woke up with whole body sweating!


Mentally & physically ;

Tomorrow is my maths paper & BI paper 2.
Not forgetting my Chinese paper 2 after school until 3pm.

I enjoy school life in SMK Usj 8 currently.
I love being at school.

I miss CHS, a lot.

way back into love.

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