Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh baby boy.

Badge freak :)


Days are preety horrible.


& guess what?

I'm having holiday since wednesday, yet i never walked out the house until TODAY.

Two of my classmates went RedBox today with me.

SookYin & ZingYing

The RedBox toilet

My bff is class.

Friends :)

Getting higher.

When was the last time i went RedBox?
I dont remember.

Anyway, headed to Taipan after RedBox. :)
Went for some dress hunting.
But it turned out pretty sucky. =/


The boyf refuse to see the doctor. (he's having red spot on his body)
I'm getting worry.




Anyone interested to attend CHS's prom night?


Just doing a lil advertising for Ailin :)


Alright, i think thats all about this post.


I miss JayChou's concert.

Getting higher & higher.

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