Saturday, May 10, 2008

wont fall it again.

I wont turn back anymore.

I shall begin it with a smile :)

ITS MY 100 POST ! :D

Hello people!

Its weekend so i can blog!

Going to my dental appointment & a hair do later !! :D

it spells y-u-m-m-y !

Ytd was my BI & maths paper. Had Chinese paper after school.

After exams, while i'm on my way heading home,
Chanel's supervisor called me & asked me to help them in Sunway Pyramid cause they're having renovation!

& i agreed lah of cause. HAHA.

Some picture tooken :)

Ignore those plastic.
Damn nice kan the make up table?

A brand new white sofa for consultant used.


New fragrance rack.

Busy! & dirty! :(

The boxes i made. :P

So, what are you waiting for?

Jom go Sunway's Parkson & have a look ~ Just pass by can edi lah!* hee.

Its really really pretty & posh!

Ended work at 10plus, the GM fetch me to tiff's place! heee.
Mum picked me up at 12 :)


Okay, officially end.
No more emo post! No more no more! :)

I cant wait after exam.
So much thing to do! (in a good & bad way tho)

Alright, i'll make sure i can post my new hair style either today or tmr!!! heee.

I love & miss my Juicy. :)



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