Saturday, April 26, 2008

somehow, i miss you.

Dee Chzian: She got her license already! Drive me OUT ! :p

Ailin: you must sing infront of me! :D

the 4P3's. I miss them.

07' Interact IU.

HuiBin: i text u everyday lah. heh

Shermaine: my all time syg! <3

Tiffany: she's is so cute! & i love her room!

Melisa Lee: We seldom hang out already bcz of yr work & my studies. =/

ShinYee, Tzia: keep in touch babes!!!

me, jiashin, airin & yimei

fabulous chiqas they are. <333

stupid us. But i love them :)

okay, stupid me.

07' Jiashin's bday at MTR !

Its Suiyin, Jiashin & me! I miss those moments.

past is always the past.

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