Thursday, December 11, 2014

Venice (1) x First day upon arrival

In a glimpse of an eye, its the second week of December already!

Heh, I've always have love-hate relationship with December; 
Love, because there's Christmas and Christmas means tons of celebrations, time to bless and be blessed with gifts and food;  Not so love because it also means splurging lots and lots of money hahaha, and it also kinda scares me all the time - as Dec means the end of one WHOLE year.  Have you finished what you've started? 

Oh well. 

One thing for sure, I know I'm definitely not done with my Europe Trip blogpost!!  There's just soooo many pictures and I don't want to skip any single bit of it, so I'm gonna continue with this most romantic place on earth, Venice, Italy 

Venice, a city that floats -
There are no cars, bus or lorries; but just boats, water bus and speed boats. 

We took a train early morning from Rome to Venice.
It was only a 3 hours ride.

I wish in Malaysia we have such convenient and cozy train too.

Heh typical snapping-whatever-was-outside-the-train-window-shot

We arrived approximately 10.10AM in Venice and was greeted by this clear blue sky :)

Upon existed the train station, I could already smell the river... 

Both Wan and I were already super hungry, and we don't even know how to get to our hotel as there wasn't any clear instruction and everywhere is connected!! with water and tiny little streets!  That's why they said it is a must to "Get Lost in Venice" hahaha.

Which we really did. Lol. 

Stumbled across this real beautiful restaurant, so here we are :)

Spot my tiny fatty maroon luggage that never failed me all these while :')

Hi hottie why won't you look at me? :P


Started off with this on the house, but it was awful -_-
Malaysia's bread taste so much better!

This was Wanyee's pick - she said it is a must to try this squid ink pesto when you're in Venice!

Errr but I shall be a little more safe cos this is my first meal in Venice, I don't want to risk my tummy hahahah.

It was quite costly though because the rest of our meal wasn't as expensive as this first one we had. 
Hmm not very omg-super-tasty too.

This is Piazza San Macro nearby St Mark Basilica, everyone was just enjoying the sun!

I really hated the sun but since Wan wanted the sun sooo badly, I had to join in lur what to do :(
#yescomplaining #wanyeeareyoureadingthis 

If there's just one thing that I could share about Venice, (besides it is a water city) this place is a very S L O W moving city.  Venice is a place filled with many many old citizens and they're just enjoying life while doing things at their own pace.

Ordered a cup of flatwhite for myself, Americano for her. 

To be honest, this is the only city that I felt sooooo relax, so calm, so slow... 

In fact, too slow for my liking :(
But at that moment while we were just sitting there, enjoying our coffee and the sun while the cold breeze brush through your skin, it was undeniable relaxing.  One of the best feeling ever!

My best travel companion, ever so smart and thoughtful. :)

All these shots were taken when we were on our way back to our hotels.


I love this place so freaking much, so pretty and cozy all we want to do is just lay down and not do anything at all. 

We had to take water bus and ask them where is our hotel but most of them don't even know it T_T
It was one tough ride but thankfully we made it!
Also, if you are taking the water bus, no one will check your waterbus ticket at all hahaha we paid so many times but we realized there are many of them that don't even bother paying they just walk up to the water bus lol. 

This place is filled with all  the small alley and every spot is just so nice for my #OOTD shots!

Look how small the alley is.
This city is filled with hundreds or not thousands of alley ok.

Evening market :)

Heh another shameless selfie!
Oh ya we also took the Gondola ride that cost us 80 euros (RM400+) which I will be blogging about next!

Till then,

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