Thursday, October 30, 2014

London (2) x Laduree, Harrods

Blogging back about my trip makes me miss travelling even more :(
Life has been so hectic for me, church's biggest production of the year is just 2 weeks away and as one of the crew, I have to go back to church some of the weekdays night for rehearsals.  Office work on the other hand is pilling up as well, well what am I talking about, work never ends.  As for my personal errands - unfinished business forever -_-  Well I'm still coping but at the end of the day it's setting your priority straight.  You must always know what matters to you :) 
I'm a strong believer of TIME = MONEY and we are left with 2 more months before the year ends. What have I done the WHOLE year?  AAAA I shall leave that to another blogpost lol if I get started now I will never end. 

So back to topic -
I finally tried Laduree in Harrods, London!

I've heard about Laduree for the longest time ever because I'm a die hard macarons lover but all we have here  in Malaysia is TWG, Komugi and some of the japanese brands macarons.  I know Singapore has a branch as well but London, Paris has plenty of Laduree's outlet so this was listed in one of my MUST GO place during my Europe trip. 

We decided to go to the one in Harrods because Siew Cen said it is slightly nicer and at the same time we get to cover Harrods as well :)

The entrance from inside

Menu on the wall upon entering

This was the first picture I took once I stepped in the place and I was so mesmerized.
I literally stoned for a sec or so (as you can see both my lady friends are already communicating with the waitress infront of me hahah) 

IT . IS . TOO . PRETTY . I .   CANNOT!!!!!

They even have a private room (bottom left in this pic)!

All I see was colors, colors, colorful macarons and pretty pastries and cakes!
So girly and princessy isn't it? Now I know what's the whole Laduree hype about lol. 

They even have plenty of Laduree merchandise for you such as keychains (which cost you RM250 or so) and fragrances even the aroma thingy!

... and bigger dessert/cake which serves for special occasions!

A glimpse of the chandelier :p 

The Menu -
Pink for food while the Green one is for drinks // flavours of the Macarons 
It's 2.1 pounds (RM11.50) for one biji of macarons :O

Must take a picture before the macarons are served! 

This is pure candid I'm serious.  I was staring at the macarons and desserts hahahahah 

Random snapshots from my table :)

Shameless selfie paiseh 

So pretty how to eat...........
I picked the rose icing pavlova and SC and JY shared the macarons (:

Take 1

Take 2

With my 10 years friends x Debate teammates - Siew Cen and Jia Yann
Thanks for bringing me here although both of you have tried Laduree so many times T__T

Another one!
We don't really see each other or I would say we rarely even communicate on a frequent basis but I appreciate this bond between us that even without us meeting often yet we still clicked so well, so much love for the both of them!

Mint x Pistachio flavored macarons
Honestly I would say Laduree macarons are overrated, still prefer Pierre Herme though but you cannot deny the fact that the whole concept of this place is just sweet and lovely.

The bill in total for the 3 of us - 22 pounds (RM121)

Even the bill comes with such pretty card cover // one last shot before I leave this wonderland!

One more place ticked off my bucket list!
It was such an awesome experience, what a lovely afternoon with my girls. 

" Good friends, desserts and London on a weekday afternoon,  pure bliss. "
Till then,

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