Saturday, October 25, 2014

London (1) x Burger and Lobster

Finally sorted all my Europe trip pictures and here I am, starting to blog about my trip, hope you're as excited as I am cos viewing back all these pictures sure brings back the excitement! 

It still felt so surreal that I went to London :') 

To be honest, at the age of 23, I haven't been to many countries.  All that I've been to is Singapore, Bangkok and Hongkong (HK was when I was much younger somemore) - Many of my friends, even parents told me I should have gone to a much nearer country instead of flying straight to London and some of the Europe country, but deep down I know this is the trip that I want to make, I wanted to go so badly and I'm so glad I did!! 

I was hesitating at first cos the money was supposed to save up and get myself my dream bag, but in the end I still chose this trip and I've no regrets!  I've been talking about flying to London for the longest time to meet some of my closest friends and do you know the feeling when I touched down?  It was really like a small DREAM came true.

Travelling alone for the first time to a foreign country with a lump sum of foreign notes, 2 huge luggages wasn't the best idea but it was surely a hell of an experience. #tickingoffmybucketlist

Here's an airplane selfie before the whole jet-lag starts...

This was taken after the 14 hours flight - it was indeed tiring, but I'm glad I'm such a heavy sleeper all I did was eat sleep eat sleep repeat hahaha.

This gentlemen here was sitting right beside me on the plane, and I'm thankful for him cos he helped me with the blue card upon arrival, also offered me his hotspot to get in touch with my friends once we touched down London airport!  Thank YOU :)

London tube/train 

Thanks for picking me up from the airport and holding that mini cardboard that says "Adele" hahaha.
Everyone meet Jia Yann and Siew Cen, my debate team mates since we were 13 years old. #catholichighschool

Did I mention that I took a morning flight?  It was already evening time once I arrived so we went home to settle down, wash up, and dolled up for dinner!

Another picture of the 3 of us! *missing rujing*

I was so fascinated by the tiniest thing along the streets of London, the cars, the lights, the road, and the public transport!

We basically walked to Oxford Street for dinner!
Can you guess what we had? (Haha my title already stated the obvious)

The "MUST-TRY" when you're in London -

Burger and Lobster!!!

But unfortunately it was so packed, it was only a Wednesday night and the waiting list is almost an hour 45 minutes so we detoured and went to another branch instead. 

It was along some tiny streets and the waiting list was also 30 minutes at least.... But we were too lazy to change location already so here it is!


Basically you can choose either Lobster OR Burger with chips and vegs for the price of 25 pounds (which is RM137 approximately but don't convert lah cannot convert one ahahha)

We were too tired/hungry to wait for a table so we settled on the bar instead!

Here's a shot of the proper dining table for your reference hahaha

Our cute bar table  :P

Had this beer called Samuel Adams, apparently its one of the nicest beer in London and yes I loved it so much! 

Heh putting on our plastic aprons.

Can't wait for my lobster already!!

Another one before we start digging in!

Obviously, I picked the lobster instead of the burger hahhaa #kiasu

Photobomber behind, thanks lah.

Posing with my LOBSTER!

Too good so my camera needs to eat more first before my stomach gets to eat it.

I don't really take lobster when I'm in Malaysia but this one is REALLY GOOD.

The bill for the night :)

Overall, it was such a great start for my trip.
If you ever visit London, Burger and Lobster is the way to go! 
We went for some romantic sight seeing after dinner, will blog about it next.

Till then,


Toto Kho said...

I'm jealous T.T

Unknown said...

@Toto Kho - I'm sure you will get to go very soon one hehe! :D