Monday, May 26, 2014

Popo's birthday 2013 / Ipoh & Genting Family Trip

The big Family.
The BLUE family. hehe.

We cousins planned out a BLUE themed party for popo's birthday last year. 
Yes it's almost June 2014 but I'm blogging about Dec 2013. Dont judge. :p

All for the QUEEN of our hearts. 

Just realized I didn't manage to snap popo's facial expression when she came into the house but look at this pic!! She's focusing on her great-grandson!!

Her lovely granddaughters.
We love you pops!

Oh, introducing my nephew.
He's too cute to be true hahhaa.

"Oh? Why do I see myself in that screen?"

Chinese New Year 2014 

I know its such a cheat post but I'm cleaning my camera photos and I don't want to missed this sweet family moment hence this blogpost.

Popo, although I know you won't be reading this but I want you to know WE love you, very very much. Please continue to stay healthy and happy till ALL of us are married ok? :')

I'm too lazy to edit these series of photos but again, I want this to be documented on my blog. 

Daddy brought me and popo to Ipoh so spontaneously.
I remember it was a Friday and I woke up telling dad - "lets go for a roadtrip!"

and here we are :)

Ipoh is all about food, food and food.
Daddy was brought up here so he brought me to his high school and tell me all his younger days stories, heh.

No, I don't really fancy crabs.

This is like the bestest best POPIAH......

Grilled fish! 
Everybody's favorite :D


Then we went back to our hotel and I had my awesome bathtubs moments.

I remember it was the last Friday of 2013.
Soaking in the tub, thinking about what I've done the whole year.
Bathroom is really the most inspirational place, don't you think so?

The next day, we went to the KTM station and act like tourists. 

Hi, daddy and daddy's mommy. HEHHEHE.

Genting casino. 

This was also another spontaneous trip to Genting for dinner.
Yay, an almost perfect family picture. :)
*missing my momma*

Ok! That's all for this post.

Sorry for the silly updates but I want this post to remind myself in the future that I love and appreciate my family very much.  Just incase we have family argument sometimes, I will come back and read this post again and again.

Because one of the highlight of year 2013 is that I get to spend more quality time with my family and I'm so thankful for that. 

Till then,

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