Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bulgogi Brothers (Korean BBQ) @ Paradigm Mall

I realized my blog is turning into a FOOD blog soon but its okay right hehehe.  Today I'm gonna share about this Korean BBQ place named Bulgogi Brothers.  I have heard of this place for quite some time already because of it's heart shape bulgogi so I decided to try out the branch in Paradigm but they have branches in Pavilion and eCurve as well. 

Pardon my nerdy look :P

They have a few signature BBQ but as I mentioned earlier, I AM HERE FOR THEIR HEART SHAPE BULGOGI!

the crowd // the menu // the yellowish thing is sweet pumpkin/potato soup

Boiled jagung and sweet potato and beans! *me loves*

Starter: Beef Tartare (RM45.90)
(Seasoned raw beef with fresh pears and cucumber, served chili)

because its so good it deserve another shot.

Pan-Fried Glass Noodles (RM22.90)
Loved this especially the beef and onions!

Chicken Bibimpap (I think I prefer beef though)

and finally, the long awaited dish of all!

Bulgogi Brothers Special (RM81)
(Assorted bulgogi combination of seasoned beef and hand-pressed into heart shapes and thinly sliced season beef)

Overall, I had a satisfying meal :)
I will definitely come back to try out more dishes!  
Oh before I forget, the service is top notch, loved the waiter and waitresses! 

Bulgogi Brothers
GB13 &13A, Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall.

Till then,


Anonymous said...

adele just out of curiosity do you hang out at vertigo club at midvalley before? do you know someone called anna that studying business at help university.

Adele Chow said...

@anonymous: Hi there, I do hang out at Vertigo but it was few years back already. And I know a few Annas too. What's her surname?