Friday, April 05, 2013

WeChat Party 2013

Hello! Its the month of April already, time is really passing by so fast better make sure every second counts.  April is a month full of events and I couldn't be more happy about that! :)

So back to the topic, I was invited to the We Chat Party 2013 at Neverland, KL few days back. 
It was a great event and it definitely inspired me in so many aspects. I'll come to that later...

I believe all of us sure knows what is WeChat all about.  It is currently the hottest new chat platform for us smartphone users.  One thing that I really love about WeChat is the LOOK AROUND feature which you can actually find people nearby and start chatting! Haha #stalkermode

Introducing the new WeChat ambassador, 
Do add em up at start chatting! :)

Loving the photo booth and the photos provided upon arrival. 

There are so many familiar faces, indeed it was a bloggers reunion because this time along they have 150 bloggers in total.  I really love bumping into old friends especially bloggers because it always reminds me how wonderful this blogging platform has changed a part of my teenage life. :) 

There were many dance performances and games on stage, also gifts to be won!

pretty WeChat cupcakes which I didnt manage to give it a try :( but its too cute isnt it? 
(photo credits to Careen)

There were also free flow of food and drinks whole night long for us to fill up our tummies! 

The crowd was massive! Kuddos to the organizers!

Both Vivian Chua and Henley did a duet on stage too.

Then it was the welcome speech by Mr. Poshu Yeung!

went with my fav hottie Tziaaa :)

Not forgetting the girls of the night (:

Gladys, Careen, Fibiee, Tziaaa and Tzia-E :)

bump into pretty momma Jacklyn and her pretty sis Beandots :)

Bryan too :) Have you subscribe to his YouTube channel?

Favorite picture of the night! :)
A million thanks to WeChat for the wonderful night.

If you're interested to know more about WeChat, feel free to log on to their website CLICK, Facebook page CLICK, WeChat Twitter page CLICK for more information. 

Do have a look at their WeChat commercial too :)

I really love how the moments can be posted up from time to time,
and also changing the album cover hehe. 

hehe add me at WeChat okie 
(my ID: -adelechow-)


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