Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sabah (Mount Kinabalu)

I'm so happy blogging right now because previously I thought no one is reading this anymore but looking at the stats really motivates me to blog more hehe I still love this blog because this is definitely my online diary :) Reading back my 2010 blogpost make me realized how much I've changed and grow hahaha but anyhow I'm gonna keep this updated as often as I can (: 

So I went to Sabah few weeks ago for a company training and I honestly dont remember when was the last time I flew to Sabah. Probably 1-2 years back? We took an early flight that morning and the first thing we do is checking in the hotel the moment we arrived. 


This was taken on the plane.
Bare with our naked-sleepy-faces lol

We arrived at KK around 9AM in the morning then took a van and up we go to Mount Kinabalu!  The journey was so scary its worst than Genting's road but we were all sleeping like a dead pig so no one bothers how the driver was driving.  I still remember the moment we arrived the hill the first thing that caught our attention was the surroundings.  It was so cooling and refreshing there's greens everywhere! The hotel we stayed dont even have air cond, its all "natural air condition" :)

lunch time w the team // name tag :)

first time travelling w this silly girl. it was her first time taking the air plane too! 

the session was a bomb! 
first time having training on Mount Kinabalu.

It was a short 2 days 1 night trip.  
Went back to KK by van again but this time we were all wide awake so I managed to snap a few shots...

the weather wasnt really good and it was the sunset already. 
didnt manage to capture the sunset but I saw it w my bare eyes, it was beyond beautiful :)

Thats all bout the Sabah short trip.  Had a great time with my mates, cant wait for the next one already.

Next post will be about a high tea session, see ya! :)


skol said...

Keep up the good posts, I remembered reading your blogs few years back during my uni years, after graduating, didn't have the time anymore.

Anyways, would love to read a little more quirky posts from you in the future ;)

Adele Chow said...

@skol: thank you so much (: come back for more!