Friday, October 28, 2011

After so long,

I've decided to start blogging again. :)

I hope you guys don't remember how I looked previously bcus I really looked different now. Just so you know, I've gained more than 10kgs in the past 6 months. Oh wells. Life.

Just incase you've forgotten how I looked like?

Tada! Just a screenshot taken from my new love.
You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram(@adelechow91) to get my daily updates,
if you want to? lol.

Its 3.08am right now & I'm out blogging! How do you like my new page? :)
Its pretty dull and simple, just what I wanted. Of course, this I need to credit our Mr. Brandon Chen. Thanks for helping out with the templates and layouts!

Anyway, I doubt there's still readers reading this page right now but if there is so, thank you so much :)

Life has been a real roller coaster ride, I've been doing things that I love, working very hard to achieve goals that I want, trying my best to give the best to my family - especially my popo dearest;

Reason why I decided to reblog is that I want to recap important/precious moment that happened in my life for the past months because I know,

"Changes are the only things that is constantly changing"

I'm proud to say that I've changed.
Not just growing sideways in appearance wise, but stronger, wiser.
Now that I know where am I heading to, I need to speed up.

Year 2011 is coming to an end in another 64 days, time awaits no one.
Either you choose to follow, or to be left behind.

Not trying to make this a wordy post but yeah..... I'll be back with more updates.

To be continued....


Biopolymath said...

That was so long hahaha. I'm glad you're back again!

Adele Chow said...

@biopolymath: hahaha thanks for supporting! :)

Shushasha said...

Welcome back! :D

Adele Blair said...

OH YEY YOU FINALLEH BLOGGED. Hope to see more of this cute Adele Chow! Take careeee! xoxo.

Adele Chow said...

@shushasha: heheh thanks babe!

@adele kong: hahahha! thanks for supporting :) #adele ftw

JâĐ said...

Welcome back =)