Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

To be exact, its 12:24AM(Saturday) right now and my Twitter timeline is filled w tons of Halloween tweets - people discussing where to party, what are their outfit gonna be like... etc.

So, whats your Halloween outfit tonight?

Horror make ups?
BOOOOOOOOO! Us with Jestina sweetie. (:
I think this make-up fits perfectly with the Halloween title.
t'was taken at the previous Nuffnang LG Cookies Monster Party.
(I still remember I was one of the nominees of best dressed but sadly,
I left the place earlier already -_-)


Red devil horns?
This picture was taken at my very first Nuffnang event, eyh? It was LG's event as well!
Hah, what a coincidence!
Sweetie pies Bell, Zues and Jacsafteparty (:

As for me, instead of dressing up to Halloween party this year,

I'm sneezing my nose out,

here with my very skinny friend. :O

Uh, not a big fan of halloween though.
Anyway..... I'm still trying hard to blog more often, gotta do this slowly so yeah, short post will do! One thing for sure is, I'm gonna make this an alternate routine. (:

Have fun partying guys!
Enjoy your Saturday night (:
Once again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


Anonymous said...

don't stop

Anonymous said...

u stoppped blogging again