Friday, September 03, 2010

The recent 10 facts about me.

The title says it all.

As you know, I don't have my own camera at the moment, so all these pictures are taken by my lousy BB Curve - no flash, color + mega pixels sucks - BUT YEAH. I've edited the contrast &lighting, slighting better I supposed.

This was actually a schedule post(as in I've done writing this post hours ago - around 5pm I think?) So now, there'll be one more ADDITIONAL FACT.

Honestly, I'm quite an outgoing person. I used to go out a lot, as in really a lot a lot.
I'm always out, every single day, every single hour - jumping from places to places, meeting up with different bunch every minute. BUT. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO ME?!

Ever since college resumed, my days were literally "wasted" - I have classes every single day from 8am morning until 5pm evening. Of course, that's not the timetable everyday lah! If not I die long time ago lor HAHAHA. &after class ended, I would either have Tomyam / walk around Pyramid(for like an hour?) / GO HOME STRAIGHT. I don't even know what's happening outside the world already. (my world la, as in I don't know my friends apa macam OR apa drama d HAHAHA)

So yeah, it's a Friday &it's "a night" NOW.
I'm here typing this, plan to work on my other stuffs after I'm done with updating.
Next whole week I'll be FREE. BUT(again), IM NOT EVEN EXCITED AT ALL! :O
This is weird, really really weird. (I don't look/sound like Adele Chow anymore)

Good thing? No?

Okay moving on, the 10 facts you should know about me - THE RECENT ME!

1# I met up with the 2 long lost darlings of mine -
Wanyee on your left, Shermaine on your right

2# I've receive the sweetest thing' on earth by the sweetest person -
(I'll elaborate this point soon! Nyek, leave you all in suspense!)

3# I've crazy course mates that always never fail to make me laugh -
&I'm glad we get to know each other more :)
(That's @missvivienloo on your left & @nataliechai on your right)

4# I still love ALL my sisters -
I see her very often lately (Rachel), &she never fail to implant thoughts into my head :p

5# Of course, I won't forget my brother(s) too! -
That's Kin(if you rmb) with his new iPad, which I loooooooooooved so much!

6# I travel around with my own car, &my car is filled with goods like this -
A lot of them always complain about my toys as they are filling up all the seats! ;)

7# Taylors Lakeside has SUBWAY now so I've been having this very often -
But they have this RM7.50 sandwish package everyday that comes with a cup of drink so more worth it LAH.

which is totally NOT a good thing because once you start, you cannot stop;
&once you start doing 3D arts, you'll never wanna paint your nail with only ONE PLAIN COLOUR -
which means... BYE BYE $$$ T__T

9# I've been visiting lots of car shows lately.
Yes the orang Celica belongs to David, &the white Swift obviously belongs to my Loupo Melisa.

Okay, just joking. :P

Hope you guys liked the way I posted this :)
My blogging mojo is back, I can feel it coming......



Unknown said...

YAY to blogging mojo! haha! saw u update, so i chose to drop by and read. :P

Anonymous said...

what car do you drive? Is that your own car? :D

Choong said...

One day, you will find a prince to sweep you off guard

Adele Chow said...

Dylan> Aww thanks for supporting really! :P

Anonymous> Yeap :) Honda City.

Choong> Haha. okay :)