Thursday, September 02, 2010

Current status, I'm back!

Hello it's me, finally!

As you can see, I've changed to a much simple blog templates because I desperately wants to give my blog a change! I was trying real hard to find a nicer blog skin but I just can't seem to find any. :(

I've abandoned my blog for quite some time already but to be honest, I really love blogging!!
I won't stop blogging!! Aiyah I know you all don't believe me already one lah because it's all shown by my daily statistics. But cannot blame you all also lah, come click, no updates. COME FOR WHAT RIGHT! BUT.. BUT... But you guys will see soon, kay? TEEHEE.

Canon S90, my next target.
I seriously think(confirm) I'll blog so much more if I have my own camera.
(Yes I've never own a camera by myself, if you didn't know.)

Decided to update you guys about my current status:
  • College started already. I'm now studying at Taylors Lakeside. Parking sucks. Studies? Can't really feel the stressness yet, soon lah I think.
  • I'm working as a part-time agent now too, so if any of you needs any job, kindly contact me!
  • I drive myself around?
  • I'm fatter than previously. (ITS A FACT SO NO QUESTION MARK)
  • Latest mission: Get Canon s90 as I've mentioned above!!
  • LAST ONE: I will continue blogging!

Like it or not, I'm back yo!


Unknown said...

welcome back. wootsie..waiting for your vain pics and updates :D

Nicole Choo said...

welcome back :) how can I contact you if i need a part time job?

Leonard said...

wah part time agent..wey i need job wey !
any BIG BOSS position for me to sit in and relax ah? haha

btw nice template.. clean..n nice !

Adele Chow said...

Dylan> Aww! Thanks for supporting! You made my day! :D

ShiewFoong> Hello :) You can email me :) :)

Leonard> Alar you fehmess rockstar! PFFT! and thanks! I like clean templates BWAHAH!