Friday, June 18, 2010

Stay clean, fresh & confident! final

As everyone knows, health is very important to humans & of course cleanliness playes a very big and important role to it!

In our daily life, we need to take care of our own body in order to stay clean & comfortable always. ESPECIALLY WOMEN!

We need to wash our faces with cleanser, apply toner etc etc..

also take good care of our hair by doing hair treatments one a month..
and of course, take good care of our own hygiene - us girls most important part as well :)

Mum always tells me to keep our "V-Zone" clean and healthy!
Especially us girls that have that 'once a month' thing.

In order to keep ourselves confident & comfortable, regularly change your undergarments and of course use Lactacyd® to keep ourselves extra feminine!

But remember, do not use soup as it is not the appropriate way because it contains alkaline in nature & it will affect the pH balance down south!

So, what shall we use?

Recently, Lactacyd® had just came out with their new product -

Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash.

It is the same thing just is 2 sizes which is 250ml & 40ml.
I liked it in mini sizes where I can bring it along with me on a vacation!

It also has natural floral fragrance that keeps you feeling fresh and confidence all day and everyday!

An additional point:
Do you know that women's "V-Zone" pH is actually pH 3.8 to 4.2? :O
& Soaps are alkaline and it will prevent the growth of good bacteria as well.

By using Lactacyd®, it acts as another layer to prevent bad bacteria & also promotes the good bacteria, hence it helps to prevent infections, and also keeps odour at bay! :)

Besides that, girls!
Adopt a healthy diet as well!
Such as: taking more yogurt, vegetables, fresh fruits & minimized sugar intakes.

Do you know that sugar encourage the 'bad' bacteria in your "V-Zone"? :/

So, EAT MORE VEGE & of cause, keep our "V-Zone" clean by using Lactacyd®.
It is available at all leading pharmacy stores at a retail price od RM9.30(60ml) and RM24.90(250ml).

Go get it chickas! ;)
Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle, don't you?


Biopolymath said...

I know the product don't apply to me, but I *immediately digs into my microbiology textbook, finding the topic "normal (microbial) flora of human body"*

Jnathan said...

my dear i bet you were rushing when you submitted this post, cause i spotted a few typo errors :D haha.

Adele Chow said...

Biopolymath> haha lol

jnathan> Ya woi :((

Patrick ho said...

hai,nice to meet you may i ask since when girls apply soup on their .......ahhaha???