Friday, May 07, 2010

Picture day!

Hello! Greetings from Lorong Seratus Tahun, Taipan!
I'm currently here with Bell busy catching up with each other and of cause, gossiping LOL.
Oh, Mel joined us after a while too ;)
Haha please ignore my UGLY JUST WOKE UP FACE OKAY!

I WANT FLOWERS! *hint hint*
hahaha, yes i'm hinting to all of you! ;)

This post is filled with camwhore pictures that's why I titled this post as - PICTURE DAY!
It was a day when I met up with both my besties, headed to KDU Food Fest and Tropicana City Mall after that. Too bad, no pictures were taken during food fest but tons of it were taken in TCM. (There are actually more but I don't wanna spam la hor...)

Yes, Bobalicious Smoothies!
Basically, 3 of us settled down at this stall/shop? for some chilled juices and also more camwhore pictures! (we believed in taking a lot of pic everytime we see each other cause we seldom hang out one due to our busy schedule sigh.)

I was playing with Kar Shie's DSLR haha ;)

I don't rmb the name but it was some berry juices if I'm not mistaken.

My Chocolate chip mocha.
If you know me well, you'd know that I'm always a chocolate lover.
Yes, more chocolate please :)


HEHE my 6 years bestie, Mich Wong Hui Bin!

The 3 of us, without Jia Qian! :(

Usual la, toilet shot.
(Eh I realized I've been posing with the Nikon lenses protector - is that what you called it? Ahh wtv la)

A more decent shot of myself!

We decided to leave after the loo but guess what, it was like seriously a picture day and we basically camwhored with every little thing we could! -___-
I know I made it sound lame here right now but it was hilarious at one point where we were running around like some kid around the mall I KNOW RIGHT. -___- once more!

We camwhored with flowers,

and even the parking payment machine!! @@
(Look at my expression like never pay parking before like that!!)

Okay finally... We're leaving already.
(Still wanna take pic hai mai...)

On the way to my car!
Aku kan poser, lol.

Okay I don't remember myself laughing like a mad woman until I saw this picture and I decided to share share with blog reader hahahah!

I shall end my post with an 'artistic' picture taken by me using Shie's DSLR!
Okay la maybe it's not 'artistic' at all but well, at least... I LIKE IT! ;)

Overall, it was a super comfortable outings with the long-time-no-see mates and I would definitely want more outings like that! xx

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