Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovin' my lifestyle, you?

Tzia emo me cause she said the previous post doesn't have her picture! :(
So now I shall make her my no.1 in this post!


(I think I look cute here sheesh*)
Don't look around, I'm talking to you - yeshhh YOU!!
Teehee, because I'm still keeping an eye on you, don't play play (:

How's life treating you people lately?

As I said earlier, my 3rd semester was really a disaster as Taylors basically squeeze in the whole semester into 2 months - which explains why was dead for quite sometime.
But now! It's back!! :D

I've got my blogging mojo back, and I wanna share with you readers about my life so badly!
You guys feel me? O.O

One more week till my semester ends(indirectly) as we'll have 3weeks break and then the 4th week we will have to sit for our finals already. POOOF! There goes another semester! I'm really looking forward to semester 5 as we are all gonna do our internship in different companies which I was really longing for - to work in Nuffnang office! Haha, but I'm doing PR, NN is more to advertising, right?

SO.. ANYWAY.......

I've been heading to Genting pretty often lately (:

&Webby pictures ARE STILL THE IN THING! (to me lah I jakun mah)

I have spontaneous friends that goes with the spontaneous plans always.
We tend to chill around our area and the word "Genting" always pop out out-of-no-where;
and... THERE WE GO!

My friends enjoy driving up the hill, and of cause the super nice and chilling cold breeze ;)
Genting is no longer a FAR PLACE to me anymore, I personally think I head up to Genting more than I hit the malls -____- Failure kao kao right?

Oh, It was Mynjayz's day last night @ FullHouse, Sunway Pyramid!
Jason was the pimp yo! ;)
Well, damn a lot of chicks right, too bad I don't really know all of them if not can intro to you guys, right? Haha, I know you people well enough! *wink*

I lovelovelove this picture the most!
*thanks to Ewin - give you the WINK FACE*
Spot me spot me!!!
I personally think I'm a failure in photography, look at the way I hold DSLR pun

(Oh, Jason, Nigel, Weiwei & I went up to Genting after FullHouse too!)
Told cha Genting is like my second home already :D

Remember this hot chiq of mine? (:
I still love her as much as before although we don't meet up as often anymore.
This picture was taken at Coco few days back.

My RAWRRSOME sista! - She's damn good in pool (:
As good as the way she psycho me because now I can't live without her, hehe.

There are actually more pictures but well, I'll update more soon okay?
It's just a sneak peak anyway.

Long lost wifey &daughter.
Yes I was with Tee, shorts &slipper.
I hop over to Mist 2 days ago around 2.30am just to find them awesome people (:

"I don't see you often doesn't mean I've forgotten you people, remember that!"

This was a candid but I likey it much (:
*back to work on my research paper fmlmax*

Eyh, show me more love can?



Leonard said...

i realised Jia Shin have been missing for a quite some time already. hmmm...

bryanlyt said...

*shows love*


AngelKein♥ said...

i love love love ewin's pic too! :D

Adele Chow said...

Leonard> Mhmm, no ah! I still see her everyweek :)

Bryan> Awww *accept loves*

Angelkein> hehe *high five*