Saturday, January 02, 2010

What I did on the 31 of Dec 2009?

Its already 2010 people! So far how is it for you? (:
As for me, it was hilariously awesome, har har har!

I'm so glad I celebrated this new year with all my dearest ones! Yeah, did my countdown @ Maison w them brother sisters, hop over to Bar Club when the DDOL came over Maison to look for me(awww melts*), after party @ Sunway Hotel w Melisa, Jia Shin, Steph and lots more awesome people... and overall, it was such an awesome night! *laughs*

yes, I was INSIDE Maison so of cause there wont be any fireworks la right.....
Must give my blog a bit new year feel one so I google-d one of it..

...and decided to share with you guys (:

I even tried to draw for my dear readers... :/
But I know I failed badly. :(

Haha ini Maison punya indoor "fireworks" :O

My make- up cincai one, eye liner fake lashes that's all (:
Love the curls that Rachel did for me, hehe!
Oh I wore a bright color top paired w a high waisted skirt lor... New year cannot wear dark colour one, lol.

Yes, we do this almost every time before we hit the club. Poor guys.... *laughs*

The only picture to prove that we really went Maison.

All my pretty and hot sisters (:
Rachel, Hui Sien, Jeslyn, Wai Yian, myself, Arie & Tzia.

I'm so happy that she joined us!! :P

Not many pictures were taken as we were not allowed to capture any pictures inside the club which I strongly disagree and don't understand what's the motive of setting such a rule on such a happening night. *wah cheong hei ah adele*

Jordan, the so not ready adele & kim chun.

Finally, Cheryl partied with me! (:

*insert captions*
Edwyn: YAY ITS 2010 ALREADY FINALLY IM ONE YEAR OLDER! *stares at ceiling*

My sister that's turning 20 in 4 hours time!! Go wish her happy birthday!

I was trying to act as if Im drinking the shots but somehow the picture doesn't have that feel but I damn like this picture wo so how ah? -__-

No pictures were taken in Bar Club nor Sunway Hotel watta-efff.
It was a good night, a very very good night (:
You feel me, StephanieJuliaNathan? HAHAHAH!

Cassidy wants to be blogged too. -____- loves youhh! x


EkLern said...

ah dell
gong xi fa cai...

oops wish wrong..suppose to be Happy New Year

Adele Chow said...

eklern" hahha!!! same la! both also can wert ((:

ong said...


Adele Chow said...

ong: why woi me?

airdelle(air head) said...

stop pouting your lips when they are not flattering at all. what you think pouting makes your face looks smaller? haha i m sorry but it doesnt work why dont you try photoshop? i know you want to turn guys on la by pouting as if you can give good blow jobs but trust me, guys will only slap your face with their dick once they see the cum in your mouth with your bun face.PEACE MA SISTER

Adele Chow said...

air> okay okay i dont pout anymore lor, happy? hahha continue spamming my dear :)