Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reebonz dot com

Christmas is drawing near already & yes, I'm very excited!!
Can you spell the word? PRESENTS!! (:

I'm sure everyone of you loves receiving presents right? Other than July 15, I rarely receive prezzies from anyone already :( damn sad can! I love Christmas, haha I love exchanging gifts awwww :) I can't wait already.

Smexy gold ribbon that leave you in suspense.
(I always wonder what is in that box whenever I receive a present)

How cool if I untied the ribbon & realized it is actually a designer bag that I wanted it since ever?! I always wanted a Coach bag but I can't afford it myself yet! But now, it is possible with Reebonz.

Reebonz is an online boutique that offers medium to high-end luxury products. I'm sure every girl out there wants a designer bag & Reebonz is giving this chance to everyone out there ;) The website is exclusive for members only. Purchases are made online using credit cards or paypal account under secured environment.

The name Reebonz (pronounced "ribbons") came from the idea of the ribbon we untie when we receive presents. You know, the feelings of surprise when you untie the ribbon and open the present... *heh*

Reebonz is originally from Singapore but they ship to the whole of Asia Pacific and that includes to all parts of Malaysians.

Stop hestitating!! Click here to direct signed up using my invitation code. Just a few simple steps and you are done.

You know you love it.

Reebonz featured Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Coach, Kate Spade, Givenchy, Lanvin.. etc previously.
No I'm not kidding you. Look @ the price itself! Now tell me where to get such affordable designer's bag!

Besides that, Reebonz have tons of give aways though their Facebook & twitter too!
I heard the previous winner won herself a Coach Bonnie Leather Bag! It is a Malaysian winner. (Ugh, I wanna win myself a Coach too!!)

Omg they have lucky draws too!

Check them out @ Facebook.

I've already followed Reebonz, what about you? ;)

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