Monday, October 12, 2009

One casting shoot for Stylish Pavilion.

I know I know, I've not been updating these days. Sorry peeps, too many events coming up and I'm a college student that have classes from 8am to 4pm :( Argh, anyway. This is just another job post.

Henessy Artistry Full Post, Mardigras flyers JOB, JUICE 7th celebration is still pending. Stay tuned stay tuned okayyy!! :D

Its located just at Sunway, Mentari Court.

Sunny's company. (Cherry's boyf)

That's why I was dragged by Cherry to help her for this shoot, its some tv advertisement(something like that la).

All I have to do is just act as if I'm the student there and I earn myself an amount of pocket money.
So, why not? Since I love my Ai ren so much as well :P

We changed into this black polo tee once we arrived.

Met this sweet girl named Wendy(I met her at Henessy Artistry too!)

The shoot started.

Another shoot.

Look at the amount of girls! O.O
Some more all quite pretty one lor, exclude me lah of cause.

This guy caught my attention,

because his body was so.. ART! Hahaha!!

I don't mind doing shoots as long as I get paid, hehe.

Oh yeah, I went for a Photoshoot yesterday along with Mike, Jackie & Ken at some abandoned house. I effing love the pictures! Will post it up soon once I got it all from them kay? (:

Juice was fun yesterday and I had my 1st yumcha session with them bloggers after that, it was real cool. Because they were all friendly people! Nyeahahah! When is the next yumcha session? Food hunting, food hunting!!! *yumyumyummayyyyy*

Tan Tzia Tzia, you better thank me for doing so much for you(hinting you about the singing thing because it was PUBLIC)! *lol* And yes, I'm heading to PC fair tomorrow with Tzia, Fred and Jason(maybe) for pendrive hunting wtf. Not forgetting to look for my dear Melisa and that "Satria" Deric that is working at PC fair too! Hehehhe*

Gotta go! Heading to Zouk in 20minutes time for Jacklyn's 18th birthday party & Angelene's birthday party at Poppy maybe after Zouk.

I shall end my post with a packet of Pods.
ILP = ILPods
I so the like to eat this man!!!! *saliva drops*


(just joking lar, lol)

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