Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm sick!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Ohh gosh, this is seriously insane! I've been isolating myself from the outside world for 3 days. Lying down at my bed, wake up when it is time to take my medicine. At the same time, force myself to swallow some food before taking the capsules, ohh gosh. Typing all these out aren't making me feel any better. =/


Look at the amount of my medication. Sigh!

I've been absent for class for 3 days already, I'm worried if I can't cope with the new thing, sigh! Why do I always have to get sick when I'm not suppose to? :( I've been picking up calls and replying sms's but then I don't remember when was when, ishhh! I still feel like my head is heavier than my feet. Okay I shall not continue typing anymore because it hurts my eyes :(




Flying kisses from me to you?
Lol, better don't accept it! Later you pun jatuh sakit! :(

P/S: Thanks Nigel aka my "baby" for getting me the MTV Mosh Pit tickets! (:
P/S (ii): I wanna get well soon, please.

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